Friday, November 09, 2007

All Meat

Yeah, so I've still been cleaning and fixing things around the house since the brainless scumbag left. Nothing had been cleaned for the last 2 years. Veggies' room has been cleaned and closed off. The walls are all yellowed and brown though and I'm not painting it. I closed the heat vent in there and keep the door shut. There's black fingerprints all over the walls in his room, this is from him having to hold on to the walls in order to walk cause he's a worthless drunk.

The urine stench is almost gone from the bathroom. After I eliminated most of the Veggie stench, I started to notice the other smells. The upstairs smells like a giant hamster cage from the squirrels in the attic. I never noticed this before cause it was covered by the Veggie stench. So I spent like 5 hours in the attic nailing wire everywhere, they're coming in from 2 or 3 places. Ms. Dumbass doesn't care about it, it's pointless trying to get her to do anything. I think it worked cause I haven't heard any squirrels since I was up there.

It's rough coming up with the money for this dump now by myself. Heating oil is now $2.79/gal. here and it's getting cold. I paid $420 for 150 gallons. If I kept the thermostat near 70 it would be gone in a month, I keep it around 60. Anyway, I'm never living with anyone again, unless it's a hot babe that puts out, lesson learned.

Veggies' furniture is still in the yard here. It's been raining a lot here so I haven't gotten a pic yet. Ms. Dumbass said she went to Bobs' pity job and asked him to come remove the stuff, he never came...oh well. Our elderly neighbor must love the view of the rotting furniture.

I'm still getting Veggies' mail here. I've been forwarding his work address and phone # to the collection agency letters as they arrive, just cause it seems like the right thing to do. I've sent out letters to 5 different collection places so far.