Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Why I Stopped Selling On Ebay

Ebay has a mind boggling system of endless fees. It's so complex, I won't even try to explain it all.

To put the fee schedule into a very general sense....

-You pay 10% of whatever the item sold for
-You also pay 10% of whatever it costs to ship the item
-You also pay 2.9% of whatever the item sold for as a Paypal fee
-You also pay 2.9% of whatever the item costs to ship as a Paypal fee

Now there's a myriad of other nickel and dime fees, but let's just stop here.

Let's pretend you list your old boom box radio on eBay. Let's say it sells for $40.00...yay!
Okay so eBay skims $4.00 off it, not bad right? Ahhh...
So your boom box is pretty heavy so it costs $30.00 just for the postage, so eBay skims $3.00 off that. Oh and then they skim the Paypal fee off your item value plus the postage, that's another $2.10.

So you ended up paying $9.10 in fees to eBay for an item which netted you $40.00.....Holy crap! That's 25%! ........And I didn't even factor in the little nickel and dime extra fees you'll probably encounter.

Okay, so you're paying 25% commission to sell on a venue where you do all the work. You have to write the listing, take the photos, then package the item and drive it to the Post Office.
And it is a lot of work, I've done it. You could easily spend 2 or 3 hours of your time listing then packaging this boom box.

So maybe you're saying, "But eBay has the most traffic and I'll get top dollar for my item".....Uhm, unfortunately no.
I started selling on eBay in 2001. Back then, eBay did have tons of traffic. You could list the most common, mundane item and it would get over 100 views. Now the same item would get maybe one view and it's probably from you looking at it.

The traffic on eBay has declined dramatically in the last 8 years. There are hardly any actual auction listings. This was a big part of the appeal for eBay, auctions were fun to watch and bid on. Now it's mostly all set sale listings.

The final nail in the coffin for me was putting ads on your listing directing people to buy the exact same item from someone else! Great concept... no thanks.

Realtor Burglarizes Deceased Man's Home On Christmas Eve

Sourced from the CT Post, original article here.

STRATFORD — A local real estate agent is a suspect in a number of burglaries of homes to which he had access, police confirmed Tuesday.

John Rose Jr., 49, who works for the William Raveis agency, was arrested Christmas Eve after police said he was caught burglarizing a home on Lordship Road along with a friend who is a hairdresser.
Rose and Raymond Feliciano Jr., 47, of New Britain, were each charged with third-degree burglary, conspiracy to commit third-degree burglary and possession of burglar tools.
They were released after each posted $10,000 bond.

Police said that on Christmas Eve they received calls from neighbors on Lordship Road reporting two men carrying large sacks from the home of a man who had recently died.

 Officers said they arrived at the address just as Rose and Feliciano were about to drive away. Inside their, car police said they, found numerous antique items including dolls and picture frames that had been taken from the home. Police said they also found a bag containing screwdrivers and pry bars.

Police said they are investigating a number of other burglaries in town of homes Rose would have had access to through his job.

My Life In Hell UPDATE: 

According to court records, Mr Rose was arrested again on January 6th for 'Failure To Appear' in regard to this case. He was released on $35,000 bond. He has pled not guilty to the charges and is scheduled to appear again in court on 3/13/17.

A search shows he is still working as a real estate agent, possibly for  Larracuente & Johnson Realty of Stratford, CT. 

Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/John-Rose-Real-Estate-124406777670064/

...Hide the silver!


Monday, February 20, 2017

Alleged Christine Chubbuck 1974 On Air Suicide Video Leaked

Real or fake?

Christine Chubbuck was a television news reporter for WXLT television in Florida. On July 15th 1974, she committed suicide by shooting herself in the head during a live broadcast on WXLT channel 40. Details of the case can be found on her Wikipedia page here.

The broadcast had been taped by the station but the copies were never shown to the public. It was long assumed the footage was destroyed.

In 2016 it was revealed that the tape did exist. The late station owner, Robert Nelson, had indeed kept a copy of the broadcast at his home. It was reported his wife, Mollie, had given the tape to a law firm.

The video footage below mysteriously appeared in January 2017. The authenticity of this video is unconfirmed. Former WXLT news director, Gordon Galbraith has stated that the video is a fake. Others believe it to be real. The origins of the video are still unknown. It should be noted, the news set in the disputed video is strikingly similar to the original set.

Update 3/7/13 - The video appears to have been disabled. Not sure if Blogger, which is a Google product (isn't everything a Google product?) removed it or it's just not working. At any rate, you can find it easy with a search and watch it elsewhere.

Police photo taken after incident.