Saturday, August 25, 2007


Today Veggie came home at 10:30am with a fresh 30 pack of Extra Gold. His usual routine on the weekends now is going to bed around 10am and getting up around 10pm. He goes out for McDonald's around midnight, then starts drinking until 10am the next morning. Our neighbor complained to me the other day about Bob's car waking her up late at night, nothing I can do about it.

Excavation on our gas lines hasn't started yet, a week after mapping it out. I wasn't expecting anything too swiftly from the Southern Ct. Gas Co. The lines will be faded off by the time they get around to doing anything.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Mystery Line Formations Discovered in CT

Here are some photos of mysterious line formations that began appearing on the street here in front of our house. They began appearing last week, new line formations would mysteriously appear each day. At first I thought the Space Cadet was making them, perhaps as a means of communicating with his little green friends from outer space or maybe he was making landing strips for UFOs. But no, apparently this is the first stages of your natural gas service being shut off.

My neighbor spotted a guy from the water co. painting lines, so she asked him why. He said the gas co. is excavating the gas lines for both houses here, so all the other utilities have to come out and mark their locations. So it seems they may actually be getting around to shutting the gas off at some point. However, it's been 2.5 years in the making, so I'm still not expecting anything to happen too soon.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Home is Where The Hell is

Yeah, I'm still here in Hell. I had a posh place to stay for a couple weeks, otherwise I've been here. I'm running out of steam for the blog, I haven't even looked at it for a month. The only thing that changed here is my beloved cat died a week ago. I've been extremely depressed since but I'm starting to get over it. He was a stray cat I took in 7 years ago, I never knew his age. He's been sickly on and off for most of the 7 years. He'd been getting very skinny lately, not eating much. Took him to the vet but, of course, the vet didn't do sh*t to help him. Vets, like all doctors, are worthless, uncaring, money grubbing pieces of sh*t. I'm down to just 1 cat now and my 16 year old dog.

Nothing else has changed. Bobs' mental illness is worse than ever, I'm still not speaking to Ms. Dumbass. Our gas bill is still unpaid and they haven't shut it off, our phone was shut off again 2 weeks ago. Veggie is still going to court for his no insurance ticket. He is still living on the Vampire time schedule. His friend, who gave him his pity job, must not let him sleep on the floor at work anymore as Veggie has been home every night lately.

I haven't looked at houses in 2 months, I'm too busy trying to make a living and keeping what's left of my sanity. Ms. Dumbass did make Veggie clean out his room finally. He threw out everything except his jugs of urine, I guess some things you just can't part with.