Tuesday, October 23, 2007

This Is Shit

This was a pretty lame ending to a pretty lame blog. I was hoping for something a little more climatic like suicide, death, destruction or at least me riding into the sunset giving everyone the finger. Instead, the Veggie is living rent free at his pity job, happy as a drunken clam I'm sure. I'm stuck at the $1,200/mo. squirrel nest. Don't get me wrong, I'm elated to be 'Vegetable Free', it just didn't turn out like I hoped. On a positive note, at least I still have stuff to complain about...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Blanket Had A Brain

Veggie left this little artifact behind. This is the box for his electric blanket...the blanket he left turned on 24/7. I thought it was funny, anyway.

I ended up settling with Ms. Dumbass. She took $200 off for this month, so I had to pay another $400. How generous of her. So this month cost $1000, next month will be $1,200. I'm almost paying what a mortgage would cost me for this dump.

I've been cleaning for the last few days. I can't get all the urine stench out of the bathroom, it must be under the linoleum. It's much better anyway. I threw out about 8 garbage bags of Veggies' food from the kitchen. He had 7 full cartons of eggs in the fridge, some dating back to 2005. My stress level has dropped dramatically since the scumbag left.

I started looking at houses again last week, I'm looking at a few places on Thursday. The market is still dropping here but at a very slow pace. I haven't seen anything that excited me too much yet.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

No Longer Sharing a House With a Walking Vegetable

Yup, it's true. Veggie has moved out. He showed up last Tuesday with a rental truck. 2 of his alcoholic buddies from work came over and moved all his stinky crap out. This took the entire day and they polished off a couple cases of beer at the same time. Veggie moved all his shit into storage and is now living permanently at his pity job.

You'd think this is good news, right? Well, it is good news but I'm still getting screwed no matter what. Greedy Ms. Dumbass is already insisting I pay the full rent for October. Even though Bob moved out on the 9th, she still hasn't changed the locks and the whole place needs to be sterilized before I can get anyone else in here. The greedy bitch won't even give me a month. I cursed her out on the phone yesterday when she brought it up, then she hung up on me. Bob left a huge sofa bed and other crap furniture here which I dumped in Ms. Dumbass' yard today, fuck it, now it's her garbage.

Looks like I'm out of hell and into purgatory.

Oh yeah...FUCK YOU BOB.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Full Rapid Boil

So last weekend, after disappearing for almost 3 weeks, Veggie comes home for the weekend. He shows up Friday afternoon totally bombed, reeking of booze, carrying a full 30 pack of Extra Gold. Being the kind, caring retard he is, he offered to pay for a gym membership so I can take showers, what a swell guy. He has no intention of paying the gas bill ever. His plan is still to wait until winter and have it turned on by law.

So at this point I pretty much went ballistic, I won't get into it all here. Anyway, Ms. Dumbass came over and asked Bob to move out. That was Friday night. Bob left on Monday morning for work and hasn't been back since. Ms. Dumbass hasn't served any eviction papers yet, so nothing's really official. Veggie has already stated to me that he will delay the eviction for at least 3 months, so I'm not expecting any swift action from either of them.

Oh, apparently the gas co. has been reading this blog. Veggie says they came to his work with printouts of the pages I wrote concerning the gas bill. Veggie says it's my fault the gas was shut off because I pissed off the gas co. They apparently didn't like what I wrote about getting 'Free Gas'. I found this very amusing....too fucking bad, my heart bleeds....fuck you all.