Thursday, May 31, 2007

Close Encounters at the Courthouse

Today Bob went to court again, I found out looking at the court site. He's been there 5 times for his tickets according to the website. Haven't a clue what goes on there but it seems it's not going too well for Veggie. I found out he is in fact being sued for the accident damage, although it's not listed on the court site anywhere yet. I believe he's just trying to delay everything as long as possible. Though Bob is functioning below retard level as a human being, he is intelligent enough to do stuff like this. They must be contacting him at work as I never see any legal stuff come in the mail here.

The Drunken Gourmet almost made a brief appearance here over the holiday weekend. Bob came home with tons of groceries along with his usual 36 beers. He started preparing another beef brisket to boil on the stove. That was Saturday, the meat's been sitting in an uncovered pot of broth in the fridge since then. It's a 2.5 lb piece of meat so at Veggies method of cooking meat at 4 hrs./lb, it should take about 10 hours to boil. I'm looking forward to the all night burned meat steam bath. I hope he gets E-Coli. If he ever gets around to cooking it, he'll eat 2 bites then leave it on the stove for the flies. He bought a huge bag of fresh produce on Saturday, it's been sitting on the counter untouched(except for the flies) since then. It's all wilted and brown now. I guess I'll be throwing it out next week.

I went back again to the same doctor for my pimple/abscess, yeah, it's still there. He wanted me to do the same antibiotic again, I have no faith it'd work the 2nd time so I never filled it. I went to a dermatologist today. He poked some huge ice pick in it then squeezed it with some sort of hand tool squeezer thing. Pretty much what I've already been doing at home. He gave me some Benzaclin samples to use, it's an ointment. Cost $100.00 for less than 10 minutes with the guy. I'm not expecting it to go away with this stuff. He said it's quite possibly related to stress or anxiety. He says all I can do is wait for it to go away or he can cut it out which might leave a scar. I'm afraid if he cuts it out it may still not heal and it'd be much worse. I'm increasing my Xanax dose, don't care if I turn into a Zombie if it'll make this thing go away.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Urine Stank Blues

Today I saw the neighbor chick I asked out on a date a long time ago. I haven't gotten a good glimpse of her in over a year. She rarely goes outside her house except to her car. I saw her walking down the street with her mother. I don't know what happened but she don't look so cute anymore, not sure why. I didn't talk to her and I'm not gonna, I don't think she saw me. I haven't seen the big fat guy's car there in a few months, maybe that's over now. I was really into the idea of having a black girlfriend for a while, thought it would be cool, hip, shock my family..etc.

I got this other chick now I like. Unfortunately she's married. She doesn't seem to be into her husband too much though. She's one of these super friendly chicks, hard to read signals off her. Coolest woman I've ever met, hot too. Maybe a little too lively for me though. I'm just keeping a door open there for now. Had another chubby chick all over me recently, I need some sort of chubby chick repellent. I'm still single cause I'm picky, way too picky. If I don't get what I like, I take nothing.

37 Beer Weekend

Here's the inside bottom of our fridge. Yeah, it's pretty disgusting. Veggie spills food all over it and never throws anything out. He likes to leave fruit or tomatoes in there until they turn to liquid form and drip out the door. There's black crust all around the floor in front of the fridge. I can only use the top 2 shelves. Bob needs the bottom half for beer. If I put anything near the bottom he'd spill crap all over it. I don't do much cooking anymore.

He's got 37 beers chilling to get through the weekend. He's got a 30 pack plus an extra 6 pack and there's one loose beer on the door. Hopefully that's enough to last the next 2 nights.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Drinking Heavy Amounts Of Alcohol Shrinks Your Brain

Duh, I already knew this and have stated so long ago. I didn't need a million dollar research study to find out. I am living with the proof.
Read the full article from the American Academy of Neurology's 59th Annual Meeting in Boston here.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Fun With The Insane

Today Bob started his day at 9pm. I came in the house from my truck at 8am this morning and he seemed to be asleep so I guess he slept for 13 hours or more. He took a shower then went out for food, now he's spaced out in his chair. He's got the rest of his 30 pack to work on later this morning. He gets more vegetative with each day. Before the drinking starts, he sits in his chair for hours in total silence. He can sit in his chair for 3 or 4 hours without moving.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Living After Midnight

Mr. No-Brain is now sleeping at his workplace some days during the week. He apparently stays at his workplace drinking all night then sleeps all day in a storage room kidding. Unfortunately I never know in advance when he's coming home so I'm still sleeping on the street every night. I guess his friend who gave him the pity job doesn't mind Bob hanging out there all night bombed. Bob has a computer to use at work and a chair, that pretty much covers his necessities. He drinks while he's working as he usually reeks of booze when he comes home at 1am.

Tonight the scumbag came home at 9pm with his usual 30 pack. He'll start pounding sometime after midnight. I still haven't found out anything about his legal troubles. They must be contacting him at work.

I still have a pimple on my nose. It ain't going away, it seems to be permanent. I finished the antibiotics today. It sort of hardened up after taking the pills but then it puffed up again a few days later. It's really freaking me out. I think it's stress related. I started taking some Xanax everyday but that's not helping. It's been almost 2 months now. Life sucks, then it sucks worse.

Monday, May 07, 2007

More Lifestyles of the Mentally Ill

So yesterday my vegetative roommate slept all day until 8pm. Woke up at just the right time to avoid any sunlight exposure. He was just starting his beer slamming routine when I went to bed in my truck last night at 1:30am. He showered at 8 then went out for groceries- spagettios and grapefruits, yum. I found out he has some sort of legal troubles. I don't know any further details yet. It's probably related to his accident or one of his many debts. I haven't seen any legal stuff come in the mail. He apparently bought car insurance again but he's ignoring the payments like the last time. The insurance bills are sitting unopened along with all the other bills. They'll cancel his policy next month.

I'm actually getting some nice quality sleep in my truck. Sleep is good. It's still pretty cold here at night though, like 40 degrees. I'm using 4 blankets.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Man Who Fell From Earth

Last night the zombie stayed over somewhere or maybe he just passes out on the street, who knows. He came home today at 6pm looking like he just woke up, how unusual. He had his 30 pack on hand. He took a shower then spaced out for a while. He just started working on the beers now, it's almost 1am. He'll still be up drunk tomorrow morning when I come back in from my car. Oh, and now both my father and sister are receiving phone calls looking for Bob. Collection agencies or sheriffs probably. I don't know how they get my relatives numbers and why don't they just call the scumbag at his work, they must know where he works, he's getting a regular paycheck. It's still freezing here at night, f*cking scumbag wacko loser asshole retard.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Ingrown Nose Hair - The Saga Continues

Yeah, so I had an ingrown nose hair back in March, if anyone remembers or gives a sh*t. Well, I ended up with a pimple afterwards...and it's still there. Yeah, 6 weeks later. I popped it long ago and thought it was over but it never really went away. I've still had a red blister there this whole time. I tried all sorts of pimple stuff on it, nothing worked. Popping it now just gets blood. Very distressing.

So today I broke down and went to a doctor. He says it's still an active infected pimple, Folliculitis is the medical term. Great. So I'm on antibiotics now. The generic pills cost $62.00 for 20, what a rip. I have no health insurance. Hopefully it goes away now, I've had this big red zit on my nose for 6 weeks...not cool at all. I've never had a pimple last more than a week or so in my life.