Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Nothing In The Attic

We have squirrels living in our attic. Lots of them. They run around on the ceilings day and night. Making squirrel sounds. They chewed a hole through the ceiling in the bathroom. They've been living up there for years. All the insulation up there is shredded. I can hear them chewing and scratching on the beams. They use the floor as a toilet just like my roommate does. Our landlord is aware but she doesn't care. She suggested I throw some mothballs up there, I did, it didn't help.

Bob is still working day shift at the pity job his friend gave him. He is still managing to stay up most of the night stumbling around the house intoxicated. He is hard at work here drinking, peeing and sitting on his ass as usual. My father suggested I put one of those roll up fire escape ladders on my window in case Bob sets the house on fire while I'm sleeping.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Case Of The Shrinking Brain - A Nancy Drew Mystery

The moron was up all night last night. He went out this morning at 8am to get his brain tonic supply for tonight, then went to bed. He's been sleeping all day. The beer should be nice and cold when he wakes up tonight. This friggin nutjob really belongs in a mental institution somewhere.

Today I finally got my vintage Scott tube stereo going again. The selector knob was dirty making one channel fade out all the time. It's a type 340 stereomaster from 1961, I think. It's a receiver with an FM tuner only, no AM. Made in Maynard, MA. It blows away most new stuff. I bought it 15 years ago at a tag sale for $2.00 and it worked perfect then. I've had it cranked most of the day. I don't think the space cadet even notices.

This post brought to you by: Coors Extra Gold

Friday, January 26, 2007

Mission Impossible

Today a worker from The Southern CT Gas Co. came by. A nice lady, she just wanted to change the sending unit on our meter in the basement. She seemed to be unaware that we haven't paid the bill in over 2 years. I'm very embarrassed to let anyone in our house, it's such a pig sty. I stopped cleaning the kitchen and bathroom a long time ago. God forbid I should ever go on a date, I'd never be able to bring a girl back to my house.

Bob must be drinking the cheap looking vodka that comes in a big plastic bottle cause there's no beer in the fridge tonight.

The offer I made on a house was rejected today with no counter offer. I'm getting very depressed now. This whole process is so painfully slow and tedious. I want to just get in my car and disappear. I can't do that because of my dog and 2 cats here. I'm also involved in a rather large inter-family legal issue now from the recent death in my family. I can't talk about that for a while.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pity Party at Your House

If any of you do-gooder bleeding hearts out there feel you should help Bob, it can possibly be arranged. At some point in the future, Bob will either need a new place to live or a new roommate. You can move in here at hell house or Bob could be moved into your home.

Please note: I will not be held liable for any psychological or emotional stress you may receive, nor will I be held liable for any damages to your home, personal property or bodily injury/death that may occur.

If you'd like to move in here, the rent is $1,200.00/month (the rent is due to be increased soon though). You would be splitting this with the space cadet, so your monthly amount is $600.00. You will have to put down 2 months rent when moving in. You would have to pay the entire electric bill each month. One perk is you will receive free natural gas service.

If you're kind enough to let Bob move into your home, just be aware he doesn't have any money for a security deposit. It would be very nice if you'd let him live rent-free at your home as he could lose his job at any time. Helping out others can be a joy in itself.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Drunken Gourmet

One of my faults is always speaking too soon. Blogger still doesn't work for me. There seems to be only a few brief moments each day when the site works. I can't view any blogs on here except through my ISP browser and even then I can't view or leave comments. I guess you get what you pay for....nothing.

Bob is very hard at work slammin beers and peeing at 15 minute intervals right now. Bob is obsessed with sitting and staring at his computer. This is his only activity outside of work. If food and beer were delivered to his chair each day, I believe he would remain sitting in the chair 24/7, the rest of his life until the coroner took him away.

Bob can't do his 5 hour oven bakes anymore because the oven is broken. It heats up to temperature, then shuts off, doesn't come back on. It's probably just the sensor inside is caked with grease as the oven has never been cleaned. Bob is too lazy and stupid to figure it out.

The space cadet spoke to me yesterday for the first time in several months. Around midnight he asked me where the can opener was. Two weeks ago, I packed away everything I owned that was in the kitchen. I don't think Bob has noticed this yet. I owned the can opener. I told Bob I haven't seen it lately, no response.. end of conversation.

When I moved in here I had a new set of pretty nice stainless untensils, they've all mostly disappeared now. They're probably buried in Bob's rat-hole room, I won't be looking for them. He ruined half of my cookware from burning stuff in it. Anything that was glass is now full of chips and permanently stained.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dawn of the Dead

My blog server problems were apparently from being the featured blog on myblogdirectory.net. A fine site, by the way, I highly recommend everyone visit. I guess all the hits there bogged me down somehow. Anyhow, I'm back to smooth sailing with Firefox and everything works again. My hellish blog is now back to normal with no viewers and no comments.

Bob is now working the day shift at his friends' business. Yes, the zombie is venturing out into the daylight. I figured he might turn to dust in the daylight, but I guess not as he left this morning at 9:30am. Of course he came home after work with a 30 pack of 'Extra Gold' and he's working on it now as I type. He'll probably go back to his 2 part sleep routine now - go to bed at 5am, sleep 'til 9am - come home at 6pm, sleep 'til 9, commence drinking.

I have to get up early tomorrow to run some antiques up to New Hampshire. I'm praying for a quiet drunk-free night here. I submitted my first offer on a house today with my realtor. It's a lot more complicated than I thought. I've looked at 20-30 houses so far, I liked this one the most but it's overpriced so I made a lowball offer. It's been on the market for 5 months so they may wiggle a bit more with the price, we shall see. The average home price here has fallen by almost 1/3 since the peak in Dec. '05. Houses are taking a long time to sell here now, the bubble has definitely deflated.


I'm still having problems here with the blogspot server. Since I'm unable to post on the comments page, I'll put the only two comments I received here.

"Eva said...
nobody comments you, why are you writing?

9:15 AM

Good comment Eva!

Anonymous said...
Maybe at the rist of seeming stupid, I would like to say that I don't understand your blog. Is this individual 'Bob' you alter ego, or are you truly narrating the tribulations that afflict a poor man's life?

Allow me to say, I found these posts profoundly depressing... God, is it possible for someone to live like this? I am so sorry :-(

12:39 PM

Good grief...This is NOT my alter ego, this is reality blogging...my reality. I'm stuck here for now, so writing about it helps me cope in some demented way. Yes, it's very depressing and disturbing, I agree. Bob isn't depressed though, he actually enjoys his lifestyle. I have no sympathy for him whatsoever or any other lazy drug addict. People make their own choices.

I'm sorry I won't have any musings, poetry, bible verses, puppy dogs or wrinkle creams for you here. It's hell.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Bob HQ Photo- viewer discretion advised

Bob sits in the chair there amid the filth all night drinking and staring at the computer. You may be able to see the bottles of urine he saves there in the photo, bizzare. I think he is urinating right on the floor from his chair when he's really bombed. The floor is all wet, everything around the chair is stuck to the floor. I have to sleep in the room right next to this, there's only 10 feet and one thin wall between my bed and this sick a-hole.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Another Brain Cell Bites The Dust

Today Bob slept until 7pm. He went out at 8:30 to get his beer supply for the long night ahead. He'll start slammin around midnight. Bob's preferred beer is 'Extra Gold' 30-pack or in a pinch 'Old Milwaukee'. Bob's preferred cigarette is 'Pall Mall' 2 packs/day....cheap beer deserves a cheap cigarette, I guess.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Back In Black

My thanks to the blog community for your overwhelming attention and support you've been giving me. I've been quite busy the last few months but I'm back with some updates for you. I've been busy with house hunting and a recent death in the family.

Basically, nothing's changed here....Bob is still working his pity job with his friend. He comes home from work now reeking of booze and continues drinking all night as usual. I'm a nervous wreck, unable to sleep with this mental case in the next room. His room is worse than ever....the stench is horrible, there's rotting food everywhere, liquid? all over the floor. He's saving his urine in plastic bottles...yes, really, there's 15 or 20 jugs of urine in his room. I think he is just urinating on the floor from his chair sometimes. I am sending a certified letter to the landlady with photos in hopes of her doing something.

I've been looking at real estate for the past couple months. I'm sending my first offer on a house tomorrow. I hope I can get this place but I'm not getting my hopes up either. Something's got to give for me sooner or later.

Our phone was shut off 2 times again since my last post. I'm expecting another shut-off next month. Our gas bill bill is now close to $1,300. Bob still hasn't opened a bill, the gas co. still does nothing. It's the Southern Ct. Gas Co. if anyone cares. Quite an operation they have, never collecting debts.