Monday, April 30, 2007

One Night at a Time

Nothing new here, nothing ever changes in Hell. Veggie is still living nocturnal, I'm still sleeping in my truck. At least I'm getting sleep. Yesterday Veggie helped me bleed the brakes on my truck...he is useful for something. I woke him up at 4pm as I had nobody else to press the brake pedal for me. He did a good job.

Yesterday morning I came in the house and Veggies' reading glasses were on the stairs with the lenses popped out. He sometimes passes out on the stairs late at night near the end of his beer supply and can't complete the journey back to his room. This is normal. I 'accidentally' stepped on the glasses repeatedly several times during my day, oops....he'll have to get a new pair now, life's hard sometimes when you're a drunk idiot.

Veggies' main food now is beer, pizza and protein vitamin shakes. The shakes aren't helping much. He gets a pizza each day on the weekend now right after he wakes up. He looks like a corpse. Thin as a twig, pasty and haggard. A strong wind would knock him over.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Better Living In Your Car

So I'm sleeping in my truck now. I have a pick-up with a fiberglass cap, I'm sleeping in the back. I have a long cushion from a chaise lounge and blankets, it's not too bad. My cap has sliding side windows with screens for some fresh air. The side windows are tinted but the back window isn't so I hung a towel over it. I may get fancy and install some curtains.

I'm on a small dead end street so there's little traffic. One annoyance is the street lights, the other is I can't lock my cap from the inside. I'm in a decent area here so I'm not that worried about locking it. I got a little battery powered radio, a wind-up alarm clock and some snacks in there, I had a portable TV but I can't find it.

I slept in there Saturday and Sunday night. Last night Veggie came home without any alcohol, I thought it might be a quiet night so I slept in my bed. It was a fairly quiet night but I still woke up like 10 times hearing him moving around all night. I'm going back to the truck tonight. It's just a lot less anxiety for me.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Homeless at Home

Last night I slept in my truck on the street for the first time. It wasn't as comfortable as my bed but it was the best night's sleep I've had in 2 years. I only woke up twice the whole night. Quite a difference from being woken up hourly every night. The quiet is bliss and no fears of death by fire.

So I am now sleeping on the street while the street person lives in my house, very ironic.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Contacting The Dead

Today the walking vegetable slept all day until 6pm. He took a shower then went out for his 30 pack of Extra Gold and a pizza. He just cracked open his first cold one now.

Tonight I attempted communicating with the vegetable. Communicating with Bob is frustrating to say the least, he only says a few words then walks away. What he says is always his fantasy version of reality or lies, not sure which is which with him. I noticed the shut off notice came from the phone company today. (The shut off notice comes in a regular size envelope, easily distinguished from the monthly statement). I really need the phone line this week as I have a lot of stuff on eBay.

Anyway, I encountered the Zombie in the kitchen as he was getting his first beer. I asked him if he could please pay it before it's shut off

this time. I tried to explain how if you pay before it's shut off, they won't shut it off, that's the whole point of the shut off notice. The Space Cadet just smiled and says "I always do" as he walks away. That's about all you can get out of him. Bob seems to have forgotten the other 8 times it was shut off before. He probably still won't pay it. I really f*cking hate this asshole.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Indoor Vegetable Gardening

Veggie has a strict routine now during the work week: Wake at 3pm, take shower, walk to corner deli to buy alcohol supply, go to work, arrive home at 1am, drink until sunrise. He should be due for a promotion soon I think.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Life Sucks Then You Go To Hell

Today the worthless, brain dead, loser rose at 7:00pm to start his evening.( I should just start cut and pasting this). His first and only activity was walking to the corner deli to buy a 30 pack of Extra Gold. He just started working on it at 11pm. Another big night for Bob, another bad night for me.

Yesterday the landlord calls me. She says Bob never paid his rent. Gee, big surprise. Bob hasn't volunteered rent money since he went looney over 2 years ago. He ignores it just like the utility bills. She always has to come to him and ask for it. Bob's always late and/or short. She keeps saying she's gonna start charging him a late fee but she never does. I used to be friendly with our landlord but not anymore. She never does sh*t to help me out here with the sick nut.

This morning I smashed my thumb in my car door. It's still throbbing and the nail turned purple. This is my 2nd car door accident of recent. A few months ago I opened the door and wacked my nose pretty good. Cut it open right on the bridge. Took a while to stop the bleeding. I think my clumsiness is from lack of sleep... getting woken up 10 times a night by the drunk mental case. It's still too cold here to sleep in my truck. I'm really deep in the depths of misery lately. Everything sucks.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Roommate Wanted

Here's recent pics of the Zombie's lair. I have to cover my face, take the photos quickly and try not to touch anything. He's been returning some of his cans lately, I guess money's tight with all those court costs. He always has money for alcohol though. It's sorta ironic that he keeps a globe in his he plans to visit our planet someday.

I think these are bottles of urine. There's quite a few more in there if you look. There's a milk crate under one of the trash piles that is filled with bottles of urine.

This is where Bob sits on his ass until sunrise drinking and staring at his computer. Tough getting to the chair now, not sure how he manages. I couldn't do it and I'm sober.

Yeah, this is normal.

Bob's main problem is his severe mental illness which grows worse each day. I believe he is addicted to the internet as well as alcohol (obviously). His whole life is staring at the computer and getting drunk all night. I think the internet and alcohol are his private world, his means of never facing reality.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Not Enough Left For A Lobotomy

It was a joyous Easter here at Hell House. The Easter Bunny never came by though, I can't say I blame him. The Zombie had a 3 day weekend. He spent 3 straight days sitting in his chair drinking. He only left the house once to get his alcohol supply. He's back to his strict vampire lifestyle. I'm not sure if he's even aware that it was Easter today, he slept until 6pm.

He did a serious body slam into the floor this morning around 5am. I'm kinda getting used to the crashing sounds all night. The stench from his room and the bathroom is getting so bad I have to hold my breath walking through the house. I keep my room all sealed up with tape around the door to keep the stench out. I will post some updated pics of his room soon. His urine collection has grown quite a bit. We're in a cold snap here so I can't sleep in my truck yet.

I think our gas may be finally shut off this week and possibly the phone as well. Oh, we now have 'local calls only' phone service. Yeah...we can't make any long distance calls anymore, not even in state. This is some sort of bare minimum phone service for people on welfare. I can still use my cell though. How the hell do I get a social worker in here or those guys dressed in white with the straight jacket?

Oh, the 'potential steal' house I found has 7 bids on it already. I said it was a steal, it's only been listed for 5 days. So I placed bid #8 today. I don't think I'm gonna get it even though I bid over the asking price.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Like A Rock

Today the Space Cadet didn't go to work... great. He slept all day until 5:30pm. His first and only activity was walking to the corner deli to buy a 30 pack of 'Extra Gold'. He's sitting on his ass now, resting up for the long night of beer drinking and peeing. I'm in a good mood today regardless of the impending doom the night brings here. I spotted a potential steal on a new house listing today and am checking into it further ASAP.

Here's a pic of the Zombie's car. He has to get in and out through the passenger side as the driver's door no longer opens since the accident. He could just bend the metal back to fix the door but that would require physical effort so it's better just left as-is. Hard to see, but the front tire is bowed inwards. The interior of the car pretty much looks like his room.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

So You've Gone Insane

Man this is really getting redundant, but I've got nothing else. I think it might be my subject matter. My subject doesn't do anything except drink, pee and sit.

Today Bob rose early at 3:30pm. He went out at some point to buy toilet paper. The 3 material things most important to Bob are beer, cigarettes and toilet paper. Yeah, he never runs out of toilet paper, it's extremely important to him. He buys the real big rolls that come single, wrapped in paper. He uses tons of it. If he buys the smaller rolls that come in a 4 pack, he'll use up a whole roll in one sitting. The big rolls last 3 or 4 days. I could probably go for a month on one of those by myself.

So it was pretty much a normal weekend here with the sick nut-job. He only ventured outside the house for less than an hour the whole weekend. He pretty much just sits in his chair drinking for 2 days straight. The stench from his room is really getting bad now. His windows are always steamed up from the outside of the house, I think from all the rotting crap in there. His weekend isn't over until sunrise tomorrow.

I always wonder how he can pee so much without his bladder wearing out. Like I said, he pees 40-50 times a day.... We have a heating vent, unfortunately located on the floor right next to the toilet. When we moved in here it was painted white. There's no longer any trace of paint left, it's rusty and corroded. Every guy occasionally will 'miss' the toilet briefly. Bob will completely miss, like giant puddles around the toilet. I don't think he notices at all or he just doesn't care, he's too bombed.