Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Home is Where The Hell is

Yeah, I'm still here in Hell. I had a posh place to stay for a couple weeks, otherwise I've been here. I'm running out of steam for the blog, I haven't even looked at it for a month. The only thing that changed here is my beloved cat died a week ago. I've been extremely depressed since but I'm starting to get over it. He was a stray cat I took in 7 years ago, I never knew his age. He's been sickly on and off for most of the 7 years. He'd been getting very skinny lately, not eating much. Took him to the vet but, of course, the vet didn't do sh*t to help him. Vets, like all doctors, are worthless, uncaring, money grubbing pieces of sh*t. I'm down to just 1 cat now and my 16 year old dog.

Nothing else has changed. Bobs' mental illness is worse than ever, I'm still not speaking to Ms. Dumbass. Our gas bill is still unpaid and they haven't shut it off, our phone was shut off again 2 weeks ago. Veggie is still going to court for his no insurance ticket. He is still living on the Vampire time schedule. His friend, who gave him his pity job, must not let him sleep on the floor at work anymore as Veggie has been home every night lately.

I haven't looked at houses in 2 months, I'm too busy trying to make a living and keeping what's left of my sanity. Ms. Dumbass did make Veggie clean out his room finally. He threw out everything except his jugs of urine, I guess some things you just can't part with.


Anonymous said...

Why are you so bitter dumbass, life is what you make it stupid....if your dumbass continues to sit next to your computer typing and complaining, ofcourse you'll never enjoy the time you have left. No one is going to want to associate with someone who is negative with no hope to live stupid. People like you make Bridgeport look bad.

endofmyrope said...

Geez, another anonymous meat-head loser who just doesn't get it. Why do you sit on your ass reading this pathetic shit? There's plenty of blogs out there with Britney Spears updates and bible verses for you. If you don't like it, don't read it. Bridgeport looked bad long before I got here, I suspect you're part of the problem. Abortion sometimes benefits everyone.

Anonymous said...

I know this happened fucking years ago, I only just stumbled across this old thing, but sorry about your cat. Sorry about the vet, as well, they should have offered you blood tests at the very least, to get to the bottom of the ongoing illness. With weight loss in older cats it's usually kidneys or thyroid issues, stuff that can be medicated if caught early enough, extending lifespans by years, so yeah fuck that vet.