Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Blanket Had A Brain

Veggie left this little artifact behind. This is the box for his electric blanket...the blanket he left turned on 24/7. I thought it was funny, anyway.

I ended up settling with Ms. Dumbass. She took $200 off for this month, so I had to pay another $400. How generous of her. So this month cost $1000, next month will be $1,200. I'm almost paying what a mortgage would cost me for this dump.

I've been cleaning for the last few days. I can't get all the urine stench out of the bathroom, it must be under the linoleum. It's much better anyway. I threw out about 8 garbage bags of Veggies' food from the kitchen. He had 7 full cartons of eggs in the fridge, some dating back to 2005. My stress level has dropped dramatically since the scumbag left.

I started looking at houses again last week, I'm looking at a few places on Thursday. The market is still dropping here but at a very slow pace. I haven't seen anything that excited me too much yet.


Anonymous said...

I found your blog browsing Google, and I've just gotta say that this:

"He had 7 full cartons of eggs in the fridge"

Gave me one hell of a laugh, I can only imagine what one would do with that many eggs.

endofmyrope said...

When you're a sick mental case, you buy the eggs regularly but never actually eat them and you don't dare throw them away. The older eggs were totally evaporated inside, like empty shells. Sometimes you cook a few eggs, but again, never actually eat them.