Monday, February 20, 2017

Alleged Christine Chubbuck 1974 On Air Suicide Video Leaked

Real or fake?

Christine Chubbuck was a television news reporter for WXLT television in Florida. On July 15th 1974, she committed suicide by shooting herself in the head during a live broadcast on WXLT channel 40. Details of the case can be found on her Wikipedia page here.

The broadcast had been taped by the station but the copies were never shown to the public. It was long assumed the footage was destroyed.

In 2016 it was revealed that the tape did exist. The late station owner, Robert Nelson, had indeed kept a copy of the broadcast at his home. It was reported his wife, Mollie, had given the tape to a law firm.

The video footage below mysteriously appeared in January 2017. The authenticity of this video is unconfirmed. Former WXLT news director, Gordon Galbraith has stated that the video is a fake. Others believe it to be real. The origins of the video are still unknown. It should be noted, the news set in the disputed video is strikingly similar to the original set.

Update 3/7/13 - The video appears to have been disabled. Not sure if Blogger, which is a Google product (isn't everything a Google product?) removed it or it's just not working. At any rate, you can find it easy with a search and watch it elsewhere.

Police photo taken after incident.

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