Saturday, February 03, 2007

Photos From Disneyland

Here's some more recent pics of my roommates' room. If you want to see the previous, much more disgusting pics of the room, go back a month or so in the archives.

You can see there is an improvment since the last photos. This is only because he returned a lot of the cans at one point as he needed money for more beer. We have a 5 cent deposit law on beverage containers in CT.

All the cans on the floor are half full. He tips them over every time he stumbles in or out of his chair. The floor is all wet around the chair. The stench is overwhelming. Bob doesn't seem to have any sense of smell anymore or he's built up immunity to it.

I believe the yellowish liquid in the bottles is urine. Why anyone saves urine is a mystery to me. There are piles of food covered with mold under the trash. The mold is over an inch tall.

Below is Mr. Spacely's bed. It's a worn out piece of foam on the floor. Hope it's not flammable? His sister gave him an inflatable bed last summer but that only lasted about a week. It's now crumpled up against the wall there.


Anonymous said...

Damn that is riduculous i hope nobody is brave enough to sleep on that inflatable bed

Anonymous said...

bobs got a twelve string guitar... can he play... i like your blog because it makes me fell better about my life