Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Land Of The Lost

Some nicknames I use for Bob:

Count Drunkula
The Sleestack
Mr. Spacely
All-Nite Bob
Bob Zombie
Coma Boy
The Moron
Bob, Space Cadet

I usually describe Bob to others as a waste of oxygen or a 'Walking Vegetable'. Most people will ask, "what's a walking vegetable?" Well, a vegetable when refering to a person, is someone who is clinically brain dead. They may still be breathing or kept alive by machines but their brain is no longer functioning. They are basically dead but still breathing, unable to move. Bob's brain has stopped functioning but he is still mobile. I believe this may be the first known example of a 'Walking Vegetable'. Perhaps science should take notice.


hunchcat said...

i have to say i came across this blog by accident. and i wish you would post some more recent posts. i was actually interested to hear about you day with bob :S
i hope you arent in such a bad situation now, and you dont have to put up with bob anymore.
I laughed so hard i cried while reading this blog. you are a genious, u crack me up.

lots a love
Alicia xx

Anonymous said...

It's a bizarre and sad tale that you spin. Why on earth are you even staying around with him? It seems like walking out of the lease would be the least miserable thing that you could do. Why suffer?

Anonymous said...

why the hell didn't you man up and tell him to clean up his act? it's not like you absolutely had to live with him.

Anonymous said...

when you are brain dead, it means their are no signals in your brain, thus you cannot walk around. nice fake site. oh btw, this is how you spell DISGUSTING. who is the brain dead one again?

Anonymous said...

@ previous anonymous:
Please learn the difference between 'their' and 'there', until you do, your rights to calling people brain dead have been revoked.

Regarding Count Drunkula: Either move out or kick the bum out. Waiting it out isn't a good idea.

Anonymous said...

dear god, you poor soul how have you fought the urge to kill this vegetable and put him out of everyone's misery including your own

Anonymous said...

In my eyes, you are as much to blame for this situation as he is. Bob is clearly ill, but you must also have "mental issues" if you are willing to put up with this crap for 4 1/2 years.

Instead of complaining about Bob getting off his ass and getting a job, why don't you get off your ass and move! Most people would have left ages ago.

You are living in "hell" by choice. So as long as you choose to live there, you won't get any sympathy from me.

Anonymous said...

hell yea, i agree with he person above me 100%. if you seriously are bothered by him this much, yet choose to stay living with him then you're just as sick as he is, if not sicker. i see that someone said that crazy people dont know they're crazy and buddy this is me telling you YOURE F-ING CRAZY DUDE! do you have testicles? if so USE THEM BRO! tell him how you feel straight up and stop whining about it to us. youre only tring to get people to co-sign your b/s. go to an AlAlon meeting if you have those. look them up, i bet that they will do you a TON of good.

Guido; ratbag said...

does he drink anything dark coloured? Something you can add ipecac to?

Anonymous said...

I think this blog is a troll

Anonymous said...

No updates in two years?

Anonymous said...

This is either very fake, or you're very co-dependent. You continue to live with this slob? If so, you are in as bad a shape as "Bob" is.