Thursday, June 07, 2007

Dr. Feelbad

So yesterday I'm doing my normal daily routine of popping and squeezing the pimple/abscess on my nose that's been there for 2 1/2 months since I got an ingrown nose hair. Lo and behold, a hair pops out when I'm squeezing it..yeah. So the hair was still stuck in there the whole time. I specifically asked both doctors "Is it possible the hair's still in there?" they both said, "No, it's not possible". This is why I dislike doctors. They rush you in and out as fast as possible, charge outrageous fees, and don't take any real effort trying to fix you. I may be left with a permanent bump there, but I don't think the scar's gonna be too bad. I'm just glad it's over. Let this be a lesson to get it cut open if the pimple don't go away. Mine wasn't sore at all but the hair was still in there.

Today I threw out Bob's slab of meat left on the stove, the mold was already growing on it. I see the piece of meat he picked off is sitting in a bowl in his room... So he didn't really eat any of it, this is normal.

Ms. Dumbass left a large note taped to my door today. It says 'To Chris and Bob, Rent was due on the 1st, today is the 7th'. This is the first time she's ever taped a note to the door. I just started paying rent late, Veggie has been late every month for 2 years, f*ck her. I'm not paying until late at night on the 10th, that's the standard grace period we have.

I generally dislike everyone. Well, not really everyone but almost everyone.


coldwar23 said...

Hey man, long time no see. Finally back in town and check your blog and all hell breaks loose! Congrats on the ingrown hair. Take your vitamins and allegedly that scar eraser from the makers of "Head On-apply directly to the forehead" works pretty well. Should help minimize scarring. As for veggie, glad to see he is trying to eat. All that litigation can make a person hungry. Also, thanks for the backstory on the landlady. I had a similar one except that she was also a bit senile. She would call on the 3rd asking for rent and claiming it was the 20th of the month, lost checks, etc. Good luck. Are ya still in the truck or have you gone back in the house for sleep? Things are pretty quiet here. The better half has her Master's grad ceremony today and in three months we are off to Ann Arbor for the PhD. w00t. Any new mail for veggie regarding the lawsuit? Is he still working at the plastic plant? Keep those updates coming man, I'm still reading ;) Yer pal, coldwar23

endofmyrope said...

Hey Coldwar, my faithful demented reader. I got some expensive scar ointment, haven't used it yet. My spot is still healing, it's only been a few days. It doesn't look like the scar's gonna be too bad, I'm sure I'll have a mark there but I'm not worried about it. It was just a small facial disfigurement, but man I tell you, it can really affect your life after a while..self esteem wise. I feel re-born.

Veggie just likes cooking/burning the stuff, not eating it...just another aspect of his dementia.

Sounds like you and the better half(eventual ball & chain:) are really going places. I wish you luck in both your careers. My sister has a PhD, went to school forever but it pays off eventually. She writes freelance medical literature for drug companies. She makes nice money but I thought she should've become a medical doctor, I could've had free treatment. I went to college but never finished. I hated it, no regrets.

I'll keep you updated on the sick nut and other assorted dumbasses I'm surrounded by.