Saturday, June 02, 2007

Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables

Today I threw out Bob's bag of produce that's been sitting on the counter since last Saturday. It was all turned to mush and the fruit flies were starting a colony in there. His slab of meat is still sitting uncovered in the fridge, I don't expect it'll be going anywhere for a while. Probably 40 bucks worth of food, all wasted. This is normal for the idiot.

Veggie rose early today at 2pm. He went out for a 30 pack and it's just another long weekend of drinking, sitting and peeing for Bob. I peeked in his room a few days ago and it is fruit fly paradise. He occasionally puts his cans back in the boxes...except he doesn't empty the cans and most of them are half full. Why he spends all this money on beer and doesn't drink the whole can is a mystery to me. Whenever one of these re-loaded boxes is disturbed, a cloud of fruit flies erupts from the box. How anyone can sit in filth with flies everywhere is a testament to Veggies' state of mind. He must have 20 - 30 bottles of urine in there now.

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