Wednesday, December 05, 2007

High Times

I now have hi-speed cable internets + more TV channels than I can count. The high speed cable is unimpressive. It's faster, but not much faster. It ain't worth 50 bucks. I just got it today. We'll see how it is when I actually start working with it, so far it sucks. The TV is great though, like 4 or 500 channels.

Fuck you all.

I got the cable only because Veggie finally had the phone disconnected, almost 2 months after he left. So I got 2 months of phone service for free. I can tell it wasn't shut off for non-payment cause it still makes a clicking sound when they do that. Way to go Bobby!, now you owe AT&T $100. I guess AT&T can just get in line with all the other people you fucked over.

Ms. Dumbass went to Bob's workplace(home) a few more times to get him to take his furniture away. She says Bob is there but nobody comes to the door, oh well. I hope the floor isn't too cold for you there Bobby. More beer should take care of that.


coldwar23 said...

Yea! Welcome to the wide world of broadband. Sorry to hear about the slowness. First tier service will clock in around 196-low 200s Mbps. 2x-5x faster than dialup. If you are on a windows XP/2000 PC you can download and install these patches. They work. SP2 and SP4 cut down the number of simultaneous connections allowed. Think of it like a 6 lane highway cut back to a 2 lane.
They are just registry entries and are reversible if you don't like it. After applying the patches, restart your computer and things should be faster. There are other Services that win runs that can slow things down too. QoS RSVP etal can be disabled but that is another guide. Happy Internetting!

endofmyrope said...

I guess it's faster than I thought, now I can download a blurry unwatchable YouTube video in 30 seconds instead of 10 minutes. Just general browsing still seems the same to me. I'm in the process of updating my 7 year old dinosaur computer. Just added more memory and I'm waiting for an ethernet card to come in the mail, the parts are dirt cheap on eBay. The cable guy plugged the modem into a USB port. I'll start tweaking when I get it hooked up right.

coldwar23 said...

HELL YES! The USB port is making your surfing experience slower. That NIC should do quite a bit better. As for general slowness, RAM always helps. Not sure how computer savvy you are, but these simple things generally help speed things up after months of neglect. 1 Run disk cleanup Start>Programs>Accessories>Systme Tools>Disk Cleanup (Check all of the boxes)

2 Run Disk Defragmenter. Same path as cleanup but choose Defrag instead.

3 Do a complete Shutdown. I leave my PC running for weeks on end. It builds up gunk. Restart keeps unnecessary files indexed. Shutdown douses those to obscurity.

4 Antivirus software. I use AVG free edition-great! Norton causes more problems than it fixes.

5 Start>Run type msconfig and then click on the startup tab. If you see an app you don't need uncheck it. If it farks something up you can recheck the box. Once you are finished tweaking and restart just check the corner of the notification box "Don't show this or start again". Helps with startup times and general smooth running. Also frees up bandwidth as some programs try and update like crazy.

6 Google Quicktime ALternative and Realplayer Alternative. They run all the video like the big boys but without the bloatware. Uninstall the real versions of rp and qt.

7 Firefox builds pages slower than IE. Firefox has quietly become a resource hog that shadows IE in the din of anti-M$ zealots. Ditch it. I use Avant Browser (free) which runs on the IE Shell but gives tabbed browsing,anti popup and ads, even imports your faves etc. Setup of options takes 2 mins in the beginning since out of the box really good options aren't checked (I dunno why) and an autofill that i use to check my non-important email sites and website subscribed sites with auto username and pword. cool.

8 WinRAR, DivX, Xvid, VLC (maybe) download and install these. They may change file associations!!! Meaning: it changes which programs play the file by default. You can change this later by right clicking the type of file and changing associaton but wateva. Opt out of any Google or Yahoo toolbars offerd with divx.

Just the usual techno babble off the top of my head. I hope it isn;t insulting. It took me two girlfriendless years and a lot of Captain Morgan to find the "end" of the internet. I have come across seers and scoundrels and learned from both.

In the end that NIC and RAM will help crap out a TON! I had a PC with XP loaded to RAM at one point which was lightning fast. That was a sweet machine. Then again if you have most of the crapware that runs with Windows ootb disabled, you can run games for machines that are twice or 3x as fast as yours. Good luck and keep me posted. Oh crap. I forgot the Grandma/Pizza Hut feud again. Wilco next reply.

endofmyrope said...

Finally installed card today. This is what the speedguide says I'm doing:

2225 kbps down (~2.23 Mbps, 272 KB/s)

1184 kbps up (~1.18 Mbps, 145 KB/s) ↑

It increased about 400kbps with the card. It says I'm doing 40% of the average for this ISP. I still have some tweaking to do but I don't think I can get this puppy too much faster. It's got a 733mhz processor. I dumped a lot of crap and defragmented. I didn't do any patches yet.

coldwar23 said...

Sounds Great!!! Glad that NIC worked out. I'm actually running a P3 733 lol. A great little stable machine. First run of the Coppermine CPUs. I had to save up for a month at the time. Sounds like you are well on you way to a better internet experience. Now that you have that extra bandwidth check out every tv show, movie etc. Enjoy :)
The grandma Pizza hut shenanigans isn't probably as spectacular as you might imagine. Basically, 15 years ago she went into a Pizza Hut with a coupon for a free 2 liter of soda. The coupon was expired (prolly 2 years before that) and the McManager wouldn't accept it. She swore that would be the last time she would eat at a PH. 15 years pass...the ice melts, the grass grows, bunnies eat clover. We go to visit her (she's over 90) and she still wants to cram our collective maws with two of every dead animal, biscuits (mmmM), and coconut cake and/or pig-picking cake. We just can't do it and neither can she anymore. Mom offered to order a pizza to save gma the trouble of cooking and she actually obliged. GOOG411 gave us the international PH order # and we beat the delivery guy there by 5 mins. Got the pizza yadayadayada and Grandma blurts out,"Wow this is really good. I sure hate I've been missing out all this time", and proceeded to tell us about the coupon and how she refused to eat there even though it is Martha's favorite etc. She can hold a grudge like no one else. I also remember she shot a bunch of neighbor's goats through the screen door. A hole the size of a watermelon there for years. -peace out- enjoy alluc!

endofmyrope said...

Yeah, I paid $500 just for the PC tower in 2001, no monitor. It didn't come with many frills either. If I'm at 40% of average, than most people are getting around 5Mbps, oh well. I'm too cheap to buy another computer, I like to use things until they fall apart or explode.

I was hoping Gram was sending pipe bombs or something, but that's not bad. I just looked at that site. Nice booty on the front page, going back...

endofmyrope said...

Now I'm confused. Tried testing on a different server, same city, same ISP. Much better results, 135% of average. Don't know what to believe.

« Speed Test Results »
7523 kbps down (~7.52 Mbps, 918 KB/s)↓
1669 kbps up (~1.67 Mbps, 204 KB/s)↑
10240 KB downloaded in 11.15 seconds
2048 KB uploaded in 10.05 seconds
Tested on: 2007.12.12 13:44 EST
Tested from:
Test Link:
Latency: 45ms
Location: Bridgeport, CT, US

coldwar23 said...

If you applied the patches or use their TCP config tool you are probably maxed out in bandwidth- which is good. Other factors can vary your speed such as the overall amount of internet traffic for (a)your ISP or local area and (b)amt of traffic the site you are connecting to is receiving at the time. 11am-12 is everyone checking their email, facebook, shite before they go to lunch. 5:35 pm is similar as everyone is getting home and settling in for the day's personal browsing- more email, pr0n, etc.
can tell you how things are looking. The final stickler is harware based but a VERY long shot. The dB of the cable internet connection. You can ;) adjust a boost option in your modem, but you shouldn't really be affected too badly with less than 3 tvs hooked up to a single line. My 'rents had a prob with service after rain, but that was a grounding problem due to a sliced cable that the company came out and reran. Pretty sure the old man clipped it running the sprinkler pipe. Call before you dig lol.
Anyhoo, you're near 8megs which is the upper tier of residential ISP speed. Kudos! How does the connection feel, though? Fast or slow when browsing? Maybe download Hijack This! and make sure your browser isn't laden with any old hidden bloatware sucking up your bandwidth. It doesn't sound like it tho with 8megs and is prolly just traffic jams. Peace in da Middle East!

endofmyrope said...

I guess it's working pretty good, can't complain...oh wait, it costs $50/mo, that's my only complaint. The pages do load a lot faster browsing, still get a little delay sometimes in between pages. The difference is quite noticeable downloading stuff, it's amazing compared to dial-up. Thank you for all the tips. I just dumped all the Juno software today and canceled service, that took a 15 minute call to India. I still haven't used any of the patches or tools. Will work on that next. Thinking of adding a CD burner too, got a slot for it...I think I do anyway, got an extra slot for something in the front.
Oh yeah, I've been dipping into that kind bud stash, almost gone now.
Kick out the jams......whatever that means.

endofmyrope said...

Installed the TCP optimizer tool thing today. I don't understand any of this shit but it seems to work. Pretty cool.

« Speed Test Results »
8799 kbps down (~8.8 Mbps, 1074 KB/s)↓
1678 kbps up (~1.68 Mbps, 205 KB/s)↑
3072 KB downloaded in 2.86 seconds
2048 KB uploaded in 10 seconds
Tested on: 2007.12.15 14:35 EST
Tested from:
Test Link:
Latency: 47ms
Location: Bridgeport, CT, US

coldwar23 said...

Sweet Jeebus! Your tearing a hole in the space-time continuum! Excellent connection! Glad to hear you took a little pre-holiday sabbatical ;) I find that abandonware (old win/DOS games) to be quite fun in such a state. I once spent 4 hours playing Oregon Trail at a job like that. Abandonia and HOTU and the like have the classic faves. Sim games are a great option. One friend of mine used to get jazzed and played Trainz-yes, the TRAIN simulator. You can move forward and backward and pick up passengers. Other bigger d-bags out there apparently skinned entire routes to reflect the REAL countryside...for free :( should give you some laughs and ideas. Glad to hear things are working great. One of these days we'll have to get you on bittorrent for some real fun. I would highly recommend their current Beowulf VCD torrent. Nice quality. Comes in about 45 mins to DL.

Mandy said...

It sounds soooo much better now that Veggie is gone. Your getting in with the real world and getting to enjoy the things you deserve

Shadow said...

I sat here and read through the entire puke-inducing saga of Bob the Drunken Retarded Peeing Space Cadet in one sitting. It was like a horror novel that I couldn't put down - hard as I tried, I could not pull my eyes away. I've had to pee since before I started reading this and I didn't even bother to get up for that because some peculiar force that was beyond my control was beckoning me to finish reading this until the end.

I'm glad to hear that the vegetable is gone for good and you can now actually sleep in the room which you are paying for. Hopefully life will stop kicking you in the teeth for a change and you can enjoy yourself and your home (despite the urine odor that never went away completely).