Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Outer Space Ranger

Today I paid my first gas bill. It was $32 for 5 weeks, so I figure for 1 month is around $25. Quite a bit less than when Veggie was here. With Veggie it was around $70 for the same period last year. Those all night oven bakes and hour long showers cost money. Oh wait, it actually didn't cost anything cause Veggie never paid. The Space Ranger is very grateful to you guys at the gas co. He was able to stay stoked with alcohol, thanks in large part to your goodwill, live long and prosper SCGC.

So Ms. Dumbass has been acting unusually nice to me lately, don't know why but it's real weird. Anyway, I ended up moving some of Bob's rotting furniture around to hide it from the neighbors. The huge sofa bed was dragged behind Ms. Dumbass' house and the other smaller crap was put out by the street. Unfortunately, the garbage men didn't take any of it, so there it stays.

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