Thursday, December 27, 2007

Best of - Lifestyles of the Mentally ill

Yeah, so I still have lots of photos laying around of the Space Ranger's room. Since I totally lack creativity and drive, plus I got nothin' better to do, I'll throw them on. Nothing really new, just different pics from sets I already posted.

I don't think I ever mentioned that he was forced to clean his room twice. These photos are a few months after the first forced clean-out. It was much worse at one point than what you see here. Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos then. Initially, the garbage pile around his chair was up over the monitor, there was no space left at all under his computer table, it was just a solid mass of garbage.

This was the view just outside his door in the hallway. Oh, any beer box you see is filled with cans or bottles, he never had an empty beer box. There's the paint kit I used to paint the bathroom. The door facing you is a walk-in closet. It was inaccessible for many years.

Just cracking the door, revealing the horror inside.

Good times.......

Don't let this happen to you.

At this point, his bed was against the wall there under the window. Can't see it? It's there somewhere, that's his blanket showing.

Beam me up, Scotty.

Oh yeah, I found this pretty cool comic while surfing the internets for satanic porno - Mr. Satanism I thought it's pretty funny. Sorta like Dilbert but with curse words and stuff. You youngsters probably won't get the punk references though. He likes to review shitty movies too, like hundreds of them. Helped me pass the time during Xmas.
Fuck you all


coldwar23 said...

Hey man Happy Holidays! Thanks for the pics. They bring back warm and fuzzy memories. Now that you have that big honking nterweb connection check out 's tv section. Cruise to the K's and look up "Kenny vs Spenny". You will pee yourself. Lifelong friends that have rediculous contests. I would highly recommend a liquor of your choosing and if you don't ever click on another linky I send you check out the "Who can wear an octopus on their head the longest" contest. Hint:Spenny gets dosed with 4 hits of LSD by Kenny. Freaking hilarious shite man. Glad you survived the holidays. We have gotta meet someday :) email me with you street addy and I'll send you a present. While I'm thinking of it from the pics, is there ANY way I can get that lamp base? I really like it and have the perfect shade for it. Lotus says hi and to hang in there. She loves your bloggy too. I got bill money this year and a couple fo xbox games :) Assasin's Creed rules as does Knibb Highschool Football.

endofmyrope said...

You want that fugly lamp? You got really bad taste, man. Veggie took it with him anyway. I'm sure it smelled bad too, it was in that stink-hole for years. I got nothin' for Xmas, even the coal bucket was empty. I just spent 2 days trying to install a video card in the PC, it don't work so I gave up. Please send me money, like cash, check or money order. Have a good new year, mine is gonna suck as usual.

Leafy Shrew said...

Fuck you asshole!

I bet you suck dick for a living!

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