Thursday, May 31, 2007

Close Encounters at the Courthouse

Today Bob went to court again, I found out looking at the court site. He's been there 5 times for his tickets according to the website. Haven't a clue what goes on there but it seems it's not going too well for Veggie. I found out he is in fact being sued for the accident damage, although it's not listed on the court site anywhere yet. I believe he's just trying to delay everything as long as possible. Though Bob is functioning below retard level as a human being, he is intelligent enough to do stuff like this. They must be contacting him at work as I never see any legal stuff come in the mail here.

The Drunken Gourmet almost made a brief appearance here over the holiday weekend. Bob came home with tons of groceries along with his usual 36 beers. He started preparing another beef brisket to boil on the stove. That was Saturday, the meat's been sitting in an uncovered pot of broth in the fridge since then. It's a 2.5 lb piece of meat so at Veggies method of cooking meat at 4 hrs./lb, it should take about 10 hours to boil. I'm looking forward to the all night burned meat steam bath. I hope he gets E-Coli. If he ever gets around to cooking it, he'll eat 2 bites then leave it on the stove for the flies. He bought a huge bag of fresh produce on Saturday, it's been sitting on the counter untouched(except for the flies) since then. It's all wilted and brown now. I guess I'll be throwing it out next week.

I went back again to the same doctor for my pimple/abscess, yeah, it's still there. He wanted me to do the same antibiotic again, I have no faith it'd work the 2nd time so I never filled it. I went to a dermatologist today. He poked some huge ice pick in it then squeezed it with some sort of hand tool squeezer thing. Pretty much what I've already been doing at home. He gave me some Benzaclin samples to use, it's an ointment. Cost $100.00 for less than 10 minutes with the guy. I'm not expecting it to go away with this stuff. He said it's quite possibly related to stress or anxiety. He says all I can do is wait for it to go away or he can cut it out which might leave a scar. I'm afraid if he cuts it out it may still not heal and it'd be much worse. I'm increasing my Xanax dose, don't care if I turn into a Zombie if it'll make this thing go away.

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Greggy said...

dude..I've been reading all this stuff from the first blog bout "bob".very interesting man..people are stupid for being mad at you bout it. I'm on your side..this is as far as I got. I got tired man..good luck getting rid of him.or maybe you did already.I don't know.I'll have to keep reading..