Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Cold Shower - Cold Beer - Cold Brain

So today it finally happened, after more than 2 years of no payments, our gas was shut off at 8:30am this morning. The crew showed up with a jackhammer and dug a small 12x12" hole in the street and shut the valve off, that was it. Bob remained unconscious in his rat hole through all the noise, oblivious to everything. I just took a shower and used up the last drop of hot water. Veggie will find out later when he tries to shower before work. I'm not sure if Ms. Dumbass was shut off also, I'll find out later.

According to the SCG website, Veggie will have to pay the entire bill amount plus excavation fees, plus fees to turn it back on. They may require a deposit also before turning it back on. He must be looking at over $2,500.00, I have no idea what they charge for excavating. I don't expect hot water to be flowing here for a while, if ever. Some things do eventually change in Hell, but only for the worse.

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