Sunday, September 09, 2007

Too Dumb To Die

So yesterday Veggie got another license suspension notice from the DMV. Apparently he was found guilty of the no insurance ticket after 8 appearances in court. Not sure if he was fined and never paid or what. Today he is busy sleeping off another long night of drinking beer and peeing.

So Veggie just disappeared after he found the gas was shut off, on Tuesday. He didn't come back here until Saturday afternoon. He showed up with with 6 soda bottles of hot water, I guess he brought from work. He was planning on bathing with it until he found the gas was back on. So I guess if the gas is eventually shut off, Veggie plans to just stay at work and use the sink there for bathing while ignoring it all. He doesn't speak about it, nor does he care if I'd like to shower. What a nice guy.

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