Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tag Sale In Hell

Back to the subject of my landlord. She lives next door to us. Just like Bob, she has some motivation issues. She had a tag sale in her driveway in the spring of 2005. All the large furniture that didn't sell was left in her driveway and it's still sitting there as of today. It was a large antique victorian couch, an antique oak table sewing machine, a coffee table and a non-working lawn mower.

I'm a full time antiques dealer. I told her what prices to ask for her stuff before the sale. She thought I was too low of course. The couch was a real ornate one with a nice carved frame with birds, just needed new upholstery. It was worth $200-300 easily as-is, the sewing machine was worth $75-100, the coffee table was 70s junk. I told her to ask for less than those values at the tag sale if she really wants them to sell. She got many offers on the couch and sewing machine but turned them all down. After the sale they were left in the driveway, out in the elements to this day.

The couch is now totally collapsed, wood is all split and covered with mold, the oak top to the sewing machine eventually fell apart and someone took the base, I don't think she cared. Our neighbor has been complaining to the city about her trash pile for the last 6 months.

Our city has a blight law which took effect about a year ago and the city deemed both her houses as blighted. She's been getting letters and phone calls from the city all summer to remove all the trash and paint both her houses. She just ignores it all. Last Friday, she had a large notice from the city tacked to her front door, says she has 24 hours to remove all the trash or she will be fined $100/day. 4 days later, the trash is still there. Nothing ever changes here at hell house.

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