Tuesday, October 03, 2006

20 Million Miles From Earth

Today Bob returned enough of his old beer cans to buy a 12 pack. This is the most work he's done in 7 months. The remainder of his day was spent sitting on his ass. For dinner he cooked some sausages. He left them frying unattended while he spaced out in his room......half hour later the whole house was filled with smoke. Bob finally came down and threw the sausages in the trash. I opened the doors and turned on a fan while Bob went back to sitting on his ass. This is pretty much routine around here, nothing unusual.

I spoke with our landlord today. She wants to know if Bob is looking for a job, he's 2 months behind in the rent now. I told her he's still sitting on his ass in his room all day doing nothing. She says she's going to throw him out next week if he doesn't pay something. We shall see. Bob is still unconcerned about anything except being able to spend another day sitting on his ass.

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