Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Rust Never Sleeps

Bob used to drive an old rust-bucket Chevy Blazer for years that someone gave him (scary thought, I know...but yes he drives). It had no muffler, the exhaust pipe was rusted off at the engine. It took him 20 minutes to start it every morning, when he was working. He would crank it for several minutes til it fired, then he had to floor the gas for 20 minutes til the engine would stay running on it's own. If any of the neighbors wanted to sleep late that day, too bad. He drove it like this for years. You could hear him coming from a half mile away.

The radiator was leaking on it for a while. He would just carry antifreeze with him and refill it at every stop instead of fixing it. His car would have a stream of antifreeze coming out when it was parked here. This went on for a couple months until one of our neighbors complained about it. She was worried about her cat drinking it and croaking. He eventually fixed it.

When that car finally died, he just left it in the street here until the city towed it away. He now drives an old rust-bucket Chevette that someone gave him. It also has no muffler and I don't think he'll be buying one anytime soon.

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Anonymous said...

Please post picture of him.