Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cooking In Outer Space

Sunday night drunken zombie Bob cooked a big bacon and egg breakfast at 12am..... Monday morning I scraped the bacon grease off the floors and walls. I found large clumps of butter thrown all over the counter. My dog probably ate whatever fell on the floor.

Tonight Bob came home from work at 7pm with bags of food and a 30 pack. Maybe he'll pay the rent or utilities next week. He turned the oven on and went upstairs and spaced out. The oven had a baking dish half full of lard from his last meal still in there. After a half hour the house was filled with smoke again. I had to pound on his door til he came out and took the dish out. I opened the doors and windows while Bob went back to ass sitting with a couple cold ones. He's got a lot of beer to drink before daybreak.

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