Wednesday, October 18, 2006

No Sleep = No Money

Well, Coma Boy is now back to his old routine with his new "job". This is the same routine which caused him to be fired from his old job. He was up drinking beer all night last night. I heard him crash into the floor last night at 3:30am, he got up at 8am to go to work. He'll sleep for a few hours when he gets home, then it will be another long night of drinking and peeing. He must do great work on 4 hours of drunken sleep.

I've recently learned that Coma Boy has a blog somewhere. I guess this is what he does while sitting on his ass 24 hrs/day. He is now begging for money on his blog....internet panhandling, if you will....and yes, people are actually sending this scumbag money. He made up some sob story about how he can't find a job and needs money or he'll be homeless soon.....well, it's partially true I guess. You losers out there who read blogs really need to be cautious about who you're dealing with over the internet. For some people, the internet is their fantasy world....their reality can be appalling.


BrightCrayon said...

Please tell me you have a link to his blog..

Anonymous said...

Yeh what's his blog?? So we can all read it and laugh at him?