Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Man Who Fell From Earth

Last night the zombie stayed over somewhere or maybe he just passes out on the street, who knows. He came home today at 6pm looking like he just woke up, how unusual. He had his 30 pack on hand. He took a shower then spaced out for a while. He just started working on the beers now, it's almost 1am. He'll still be up drunk tomorrow morning when I come back in from my car. Oh, and now both my father and sister are receiving phone calls looking for Bob. Collection agencies or sheriffs probably. I don't know how they get my relatives numbers and why don't they just call the scumbag at his work, they must know where he works, he's getting a regular paycheck. It's still freezing here at night, f*cking scumbag wacko loser asshole retard.

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