Monday, May 07, 2007

More Lifestyles of the Mentally Ill

So yesterday my vegetative roommate slept all day until 8pm. Woke up at just the right time to avoid any sunlight exposure. He was just starting his beer slamming routine when I went to bed in my truck last night at 1:30am. He showered at 8 then went out for groceries- spagettios and grapefruits, yum. I found out he has some sort of legal troubles. I don't know any further details yet. It's probably related to his accident or one of his many debts. I haven't seen any legal stuff come in the mail. He apparently bought car insurance again but he's ignoring the payments like the last time. The insurance bills are sitting unopened along with all the other bills. They'll cancel his policy next month.

I'm actually getting some nice quality sleep in my truck. Sleep is good. It's still pretty cold here at night though, like 40 degrees. I'm using 4 blankets.

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