Saturday, May 19, 2007

Urine Stank Blues

Today I saw the neighbor chick I asked out on a date a long time ago. I haven't gotten a good glimpse of her in over a year. She rarely goes outside her house except to her car. I saw her walking down the street with her mother. I don't know what happened but she don't look so cute anymore, not sure why. I didn't talk to her and I'm not gonna, I don't think she saw me. I haven't seen the big fat guy's car there in a few months, maybe that's over now. I was really into the idea of having a black girlfriend for a while, thought it would be cool, hip, shock my family..etc.

I got this other chick now I like. Unfortunately she's married. She doesn't seem to be into her husband too much though. She's one of these super friendly chicks, hard to read signals off her. Coolest woman I've ever met, hot too. Maybe a little too lively for me though. I'm just keeping a door open there for now. Had another chubby chick all over me recently, I need some sort of chubby chick repellent. I'm still single cause I'm picky, way too picky. If I don't get what I like, I take nothing.

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