Saturday, May 12, 2007

Living After Midnight

Mr. No-Brain is now sleeping at his workplace some days during the week. He apparently stays at his workplace drinking all night then sleeps all day in a storage room kidding. Unfortunately I never know in advance when he's coming home so I'm still sleeping on the street every night. I guess his friend who gave him the pity job doesn't mind Bob hanging out there all night bombed. Bob has a computer to use at work and a chair, that pretty much covers his necessities. He drinks while he's working as he usually reeks of booze when he comes home at 1am.

Tonight the scumbag came home at 9pm with his usual 30 pack. He'll start pounding sometime after midnight. I still haven't found out anything about his legal troubles. They must be contacting him at work.

I still have a pimple on my nose. It ain't going away, it seems to be permanent. I finished the antibiotics today. It sort of hardened up after taking the pills but then it puffed up again a few days later. It's really freaking me out. I think it's stress related. I started taking some Xanax everyday but that's not helping. It's been almost 2 months now. Life sucks, then it sucks worse.


coldwar23 said...

sorry for the delayed response. Things are finally closing on the human vegetable it sounds like. Things may finally end themselves ;) As for the ingrown hair/pimple, I get those from time to time. It sounds like a possible lancing situation for the dermatologist. I had one growing SIDEWAYS under my skin on my jawline I thought was just a pimple. Went to pop the sucker after some time and happened to see a black speck in there. Long gross story short it was a hair sideways i managed to grip with some tweezers and remove. Two days later only minor redness remained after removal. Since yours is in a more remote location I would highly suggest the dermatologist so there are no permanent scars. I am lucky/psychotic in the fact that my rummaging didn't leave any marks. Hate those hairs tho. If I know I'm gonna sweat after shaving that day I actually use a light coat of (hair) conditioner to soften the hairs up and of course no cold water after shaving. Hope it helps. Hang in there man and thanks for the update posts. Gonna continue laughing my ass off at the veg.

endofmyrope said...

I'm pretty sure my hair came out 2 months ago. I just have a small red blister on the outside of my nose ever since I first popped it. It doesn't hurt at all, it's just always there. It still fills up with pus every couple days.

I get weird boils and rashes sometimes from stress so I'm not sure if this is related. I'm gonna see the doctor or a dermatologist once more. It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't right on my nose.

I'll keep you updated on Coma Boy. Wheels are turning but very slowly as usual.

coldwar23 said...

Yeah I get these weird little bumps on the palms of my hands when I'm really stressed. I do sickly enjoy picking them off. They usually just have lymph in them and it helps them go away faster lol. I keep thinking of Fletch when I think of veggie boy. "Well, I can't have my wages garnishing now can I" Classic. Oh yeah, bonus points calling that anon guy a fuckstain. That word makes me laugh every time.