Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pity Party at Your House

If any of you do-gooder bleeding hearts out there feel you should help Bob, it can possibly be arranged. At some point in the future, Bob will either need a new place to live or a new roommate. You can move in here at hell house or Bob could be moved into your home.

Please note: I will not be held liable for any psychological or emotional stress you may receive, nor will I be held liable for any damages to your home, personal property or bodily injury/death that may occur.

If you'd like to move in here, the rent is $1,200.00/month (the rent is due to be increased soon though). You would be splitting this with the space cadet, so your monthly amount is $600.00. You will have to put down 2 months rent when moving in. You would have to pay the entire electric bill each month. One perk is you will receive free natural gas service.

If you're kind enough to let Bob move into your home, just be aware he doesn't have any money for a security deposit. It would be very nice if you'd let him live rent-free at your home as he could lose his job at any time. Helping out others can be a joy in itself.

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