Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Nothing In The Attic

We have squirrels living in our attic. Lots of them. They run around on the ceilings day and night. Making squirrel sounds. They chewed a hole through the ceiling in the bathroom. They've been living up there for years. All the insulation up there is shredded. I can hear them chewing and scratching on the beams. They use the floor as a toilet just like my roommate does. Our landlord is aware but she doesn't care. She suggested I throw some mothballs up there, I did, it didn't help.

Bob is still working day shift at the pity job his friend gave him. He is still managing to stay up most of the night stumbling around the house intoxicated. He is hard at work here drinking, peeing and sitting on his ass as usual. My father suggested I put one of those roll up fire escape ladders on my window in case Bob sets the house on fire while I'm sleeping.

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