Thursday, January 18, 2007

Back In Black

My thanks to the blog community for your overwhelming attention and support you've been giving me. I've been quite busy the last few months but I'm back with some updates for you. I've been busy with house hunting and a recent death in the family.

Basically, nothing's changed here....Bob is still working his pity job with his friend. He comes home from work now reeking of booze and continues drinking all night as usual. I'm a nervous wreck, unable to sleep with this mental case in the next room. His room is worse than ever....the stench is horrible, there's rotting food everywhere, liquid? all over the floor. He's saving his urine in plastic bottles...yes, really, there's 15 or 20 jugs of urine in his room. I think he is just urinating on the floor from his chair sometimes. I am sending a certified letter to the landlady with photos in hopes of her doing something.

I've been looking at real estate for the past couple months. I'm sending my first offer on a house tomorrow. I hope I can get this place but I'm not getting my hopes up either. Something's got to give for me sooner or later.

Our phone was shut off 2 times again since my last post. I'm expecting another shut-off next month. Our gas bill bill is now close to $1,300. Bob still hasn't opened a bill, the gas co. still does nothing. It's the Southern Ct. Gas Co. if anyone cares. Quite an operation they have, never collecting debts.

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Anonymous said...

why wouldn't you just move to a different place? honestly you bring this hell upon yourself.. there's nothing that's forcing you to live with bob....unless, he is your alter-ego......