Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I'm still having problems here with the blogspot server. Since I'm unable to post on the comments page, I'll put the only two comments I received here.

"Eva said...
nobody comments you, why are you writing?

9:15 AM

Good comment Eva!

Anonymous said...
Maybe at the rist of seeming stupid, I would like to say that I don't understand your blog. Is this individual 'Bob' you alter ego, or are you truly narrating the tribulations that afflict a poor man's life?

Allow me to say, I found these posts profoundly depressing... God, is it possible for someone to live like this? I am so sorry :-(

12:39 PM

Good grief...This is NOT my alter ego, this is reality blogging...my reality. I'm stuck here for now, so writing about it helps me cope in some demented way. Yes, it's very depressing and disturbing, I agree. Bob isn't depressed though, he actually enjoys his lifestyle. I have no sympathy for him whatsoever or any other lazy drug addict. People make their own choices.

I'm sorry I won't have any musings, poetry, bible verses, puppy dogs or wrinkle creams for you here. It's hell.


Rakkas said...

God, I am so embarrassed! My message has so many typing errors that I have blushed as i was re-reading it. I do apologize about that.

Addressing other matters, I would like to thank you for answering to my question. It was nice of you to actually bother to do so in such a polite manner. Other people wouldn't have been as kind :-).

However, all I can say is that, even though I wouldn't like humiliate you, I do believe that you are deserving of compassion and should seek help. You seem to be a rather intelligent and articulate individual - why not use these qualities? :-)

Even though I agree with you with the fact that we make our own choices regarding our lives, the truth is that we are also victims of our circumstances, and we cannot be blamed for everything, especially when we don't know how to seek the help we need.

I know that you might think that I am being patronizing, but when I saw your blog in 'My Blog Directory' (by the way, your blog is still Blog of the Day! :-)) I felt profoundly moved. In fact, I was moved to tears (that's how silly I am, I guess).

Maybe what I will say is ridiculous, but I cannot bear to see another human being suffering -please, for your own sake, seek help. Don't you think you deserve that? I do. Everyone deserves it.

I have taken the liberty to find the page for Alcoholic Anonymous: www.alcoholics-anonymous.org

Rakkas said...

Oh, I forgot to say! I hadn't used my Blogger name before because I didnt' know how you would react to my comments - I hope you're not angry.

I have a music blog - there are plenty of them. Why don't you visit them? Many people seem to love music, and it may bring some happiness into your life - if you don't want to, don't visit mine. There are many links that you can follow! :-)

Please, don't deny hope to yourself. There's nothing sadder.

Come on, cheer up! There's always something positive to hold on to! :-)

endofmyrope said...
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endofmyrope said...

In case you think i'm an uncaring person, I have tried several times to get Bob help when he first went nutty over 2 years ago.

I offered to take him to a doctor but he has no interest in that. I suggested that he may be suffering from depression but he insists he's not depressed.

I gave up trying to help him long ago as he doesn't want help. All Bob cares about is himself. I don't care what happens to him and you shouldn't either. He is quite happy being a lazy, drunk loser.

Anonymous said...

damn dude. If u lived near me i would take u into my house for 600 bucks a month, shit.