Friday, January 26, 2007

Mission Impossible

Today a worker from The Southern CT Gas Co. came by. A nice lady, she just wanted to change the sending unit on our meter in the basement. She seemed to be unaware that we haven't paid the bill in over 2 years. I'm very embarrassed to let anyone in our house, it's such a pig sty. I stopped cleaning the kitchen and bathroom a long time ago. God forbid I should ever go on a date, I'd never be able to bring a girl back to my house.

Bob must be drinking the cheap looking vodka that comes in a big plastic bottle cause there's no beer in the fridge tonight.

The offer I made on a house was rejected today with no counter offer. I'm getting very depressed now. This whole process is so painfully slow and tedious. I want to just get in my car and disappear. I can't do that because of my dog and 2 cats here. I'm also involved in a rather large inter-family legal issue now from the recent death in my family. I can't talk about that for a while.

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