Tuesday, March 20, 2007

70,000 Beer Cans Found in Ogden Townhouse

Just came across this story. Look familiar? Compare story with Bob's room shown at bottom.

BEER_CAN_17_.mov.jpg 70,000 Beer Cans Found in Ogden Townhouse

May 17th, 2006 @ 9:38pm

John Hollenhorst reporting

A seemingly unbelievable mess discovered last year in an Ogden townhouse has suddenly become an Internet legend.

It's all TRUE!

You know how some people, after they use something, just can't bear to throw it away. That might make sense if it's magazines or clothes. But what if it's empty beer cans? In astounding numbers?

When property manager Ryan Froerer got a call from a realtor last year to check on a townhouse, he knew something was up.

Ryan Froerer, Century 21: "Said it was the sickest thing he's ever seen. Just unimaginable that someone could live in that."

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Now here's a photo of Bob's room. One difference here is we have a 5 cent deposit on cans, Utah doesn't. Bob sometimes has to return the cans when he runs out of money to buy more beer. I think these two wack-jobs should hook up and become buddies.

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