Sunday, March 18, 2007

Exhibiting Bob As A Sideshow Freak

As you may know I have a fascination with old time sideshow freaks. I have been pondering the idea of exhibiting Bob somewhere as a walking vegetable/ brainless man/ living zombie/ laziest man on earth type thing. He could be placed in a room somewhere for viewing, it could be roped off or have a glass enclosure if the smell got too bad. It could be like a small studio apartment. People could observe him in his normal daily routine. As long as he has his chair, computer, beer and food, he would never leave the room. I'm sure Bob would go along with this if he knew he could make money at it and never have to go anywhere.

I know there are legal issues involved nowadays about exploitation and all. Since Bob will be living like this anyway for the rest of his life, why not make some money off it? He could just sit in the chair and have people walk by and stare at him. There must be some states or maybe other countries where this could still be done legally. If any promoters out there can assist me please let me know.

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Anonymous said...

I seriously just died laughing reading this. Probably the funniest thing i have read for along time. I just imagined 'Bob' in a room with a clear glass like at a zoo. People would just see him drinking a beer or smoking a cigerette and just tossing to to the side, as he gets up to piss he stumbles face first into his empty beer cans. Please make this happen...