Wednesday, March 21, 2007

More Beer, Less Brain

So last night I get woken up at 3am when the brainless scumbag has one of his 20 minute sneezing fits. I laid awake for another hour hearing him knocking cans on the floor. At 4am I knocked on his door, "Oh Bob, mind if I get some sleep?". Bob is just sitting in his chair smiling, totally bombed, smoking a Pall Mall. I get his usual look of amazement as he squints and checks the time on his computer. He's supposed to be at work at 10am.

There's really nothing that can be done. I've blown up at him in the middle of the night more times than I can count. I've screamed at him, threatened to bash his f*cking empty head open, threatened to call the cops, even tried asking nicely for some sanity...nothing gets through. His destiny is living under a bridge somewhere with his belongings in a shopping cart.

So this morning the scumbag gets up at 9:50am and runs out the door without showering. He hasn't bathed in 3 days. He'll sleep for a few hours when he gets off work, then it'll be another night of the living dead.


coldwar23 said...

As much fun as it was to read your posts about your drunkass roomie, I can only ask why multiple times. Why are you always there to notice/(b)log all his activities??? Why don't you just move or call the freakin cops? Why not actually leave the abject poverty/safety of your home and meet a girl?

You seem like a fairly normal person (I totally agree with you on the whole bloggy myspace thing) so why not just remove yourself (since you seem to have slightly more economic freedom) from this situation? Maybe get a job doing stock or third or fourth shift hospital/factory work to remove yourself from the situation twice (you are not at the house and can earn some extra coin for a new place)? Hell, maybe match Bob's drinking habits and you'll be able to sleep as well since he always wakes up and is out of the house before 9:30 which is time you could be sleeping it off lol. The whole "antique picker" thing must not have launched from its infancy since you are 38 and still renting. I know people that make a good living off of ebay and thrift store finds so it can't be all so bad. I am aware you have offered on a house close by but maybe find/print out real estate leads and check those out while space cadet drinks? This guy doesn't give a shit (or a piss lol) about you and would be just as happy anywhere with phone and electricity it sounds like. Get one of those over 50 broads to become your sugar momma while you get your shit settled again and then have it "not work out" with her (cite the it's not you it's me defense to spare feelings). You have also mentioned having to possibly move out of state-just go for it. Rent will be hella cheaper and you may, just may, be happier. I had a roomie like that once who would get drunk and rock out all day with his band. It sucked, but it forced me to hang out with my friends until I eventually met a girl, stayed with her for a week, and telling the landlord and roomie to shove it. I ended up saving money by actually eating my own food and gave him $50 for the bills (he had similar elec/gas habits). I threatened to report the landlord to the city & county as a slumlord and got my deposit back. This was back when my salary was 18k/yr. I'm not trying to be an asshole, I just didn't see a way out either at that point in my life.

Then again I do enjoy reading the posts... what is Bob's blog? Maybe I'll help out with the rent so I can keep laughing at those pics ;)

Best of luck

endofmyrope said...

Man, I get 1 comment and it's a book. All I can say is why are you reading this crap?

I'm always here because I live and work here. I have a lot more free time in the winter.

The "antiques picker thing" has been my sole income for almost 10 years. I'm good at what I do and I enjoy it at the same time. I still get the wisecracks from envious friends because I don't have to be at my 'job' tomorrow morning. My relatives stopped pestering me years ago about getting a job after they saw my monthly sales on eBay. I really don't give a shit what anyone thinks. The bulge in my pocket isn't my wallet, it's cash.

I thought about posting some picking tips, but then why the hell should I? I have enough competition as it is. I will say you won't find squat in a thrift store. I have a rant post planned on the subject of thrift stores.

I'm still renting because it's more practical. My rent is $600/month. I don't pay real estate taxes, home insurance, home repairs or loan interest. Compare that with a $240k house purchase. If I buy this house my monthly payment, including taxes & insurance, will be around $1,600/month. Plus I have to put down almost $50,000. I'm still financially better off renting and investing my money elsewhere.

I aint going for any 'over 50' sugar mammas. They would need tons of sugar. I am going to be flat broke after I buy a house so I'll consider offers. My 'moving out of state thing' is over. My issue is still unresolved but it's winding down. I can't talk about it further yet.

The obvious question is why don't you just move? I think I've already explained that. The cops aren't going to do anything, there's no laws against being a wacko in your own home. I've got my own mental problems which I haven't gone into. There won't be much blogging for me after I move so who cares? This blog sucks anyway and I still don't read other blogs.

So just have a beer and enjoy.

Thanks for your comment.

peter said...


Your blog rocks.
I'm fell sorry for you. I don't like my roommates either. Though mine argent that extreme. The three of mine are only chain smokers without a sense of time and sound loudness.
And I unfortunately have a financial problem that prevents me from moving.
Anyway, doesn't matter I guess Ive done something bad in some previous life. I wish you all the best.
Btw: I never read blogs either, yours just came up when I googled :"please kill my roommates" :)