Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I've Fallen......And I Can't Get Up

So I found out the insurance company is seeking $8,200.00 from the living corpse for damages from his car accident. I wish them luck in collecting it. I'm expecting the process server should be coming by sometime with the lawsuit papers. He also gets regular letters from 4 or 5 different collection agencies. He defaulted on a bank loan for $5,000 years ago. They had attached his pay at his last job. I don't think they ever recovered the whole amount. I figure he owes over 15k with all his debts. He only takes home about 3-400/week from his pity job. Bob doesn't worry about anything though. Bob's only concern is being able to get drunk and sit on his ass for another night.

I miraculously managed to fall asleep early last night even with the drunken, brainless zombie stumbling around in the next room all night. I have to get up early every day now in the summer to make money. I'm going to start sleeping in the back of my truck now that it's warmer outside. I have no other options. Thanks asshole.

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