Sunday, March 11, 2007

Living In Outer Space

I recently learned more about the space cadet's car accident of a few weeks ago. Apparently he turned in front of someone who had the right of way. The other car hit Bob's rust bucket, then went into a tree. I guess the damage to the other car was extensive, it had to be towed. I saw the tree there has a big chunk taken out of it. Bob was ticketed for an improper turn.

The space cadet gave the police and the other driver his insurance card...he failed to inform them that the policy was cancelled in June '06 for non-payment. I guess the police don't check into the insurance status as Bob is still driving the uninsured car daily. This happened 3 weeks ago. A couple letters have come from the insurance companies but otherwise no action has been taken.

I thought it was a crime to drive uninsured in CT but the cops don't seem to be concerned. Bob is just ignoring it like everything else. He hasn't opened any of the insurance letters, they're on the stack now with the unopened utility bills and collection notices. I guess the other driver will have to collect from his own insurance company or try to sue Bob. When you ignore things, they sometimes just go away.

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