Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Earth Calling Bob...over

So today around noon the police finally show up looking for Bob. I had to show them my driver's license to prove I wasn't Bob. They have a summons to give Bob for driving without insurance stemming from his accident of a few weeks ago. It was the Fairfield police, I guess the accident happened just over the town line in Fairfield so they're handling the case. I gave them the address where the Space Cadet works. They said they'll either go to his work or come back here later tonight. I don't think the Space Cadet will be driving his uninsured rust bucket for a while.

**Update** Wednesday 3/14 11am: The police never came back here last night and the Space Cadet drove his uninsured rust bucket to work this morning as usual. I guess reality will have to wait. The wheels turn very slowly in hell. If you're driving, be careful. The Space Cadet is driving around uninsured on 4 hours sleep, probably still half drunk from the night before. He has an early 1980s type white Chevy Chevette. The front end is smashed in and you can here him coming from a mile away as it has no exhaust system.

***Final Update*** So the police finally came back at 10am today, Thursday 3/15. Bob was still sleeping even though he's supposed to be at work at 10. I woke Bob up, "Oh Bob, someone's here for you". He comes down the stairs 10 minutes later and sees a cop standing there. The look on the Space Cadet's face was priceless. So the cop gave him a court summons for not having insurance. The kicker is, they didn't tow or even boot his car so he still drove it to work after the cop left. So my fellow Bridgeporters be wary, the Space Case is still driving around in his uninsured Chevy Chevette rust bucket.

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