Sunday, March 25, 2007

What a Difference a Brain Makes

For most people springtime means flowers blooming, trees budding, grass turning green...not here though. Here the warm weather brings fruit flies... lots of them, like biblical proportions. They multiply in huge numbers during the summer from all the rotting beer in Bob's room. They're like floating black clouds. Bob doesn't mind them though, he just sits there in the clouds.

Eventually the clouds of flies will migrate down to the kitchen trashcan and spread through the house so I'll get to enjoy them too. I noticed a few in my room today.

Last night the brainless wonder stayed overnight somewhere. I think he goes to his sister's house or his friend who gave him the pity job. He came back around noon today and sat on his ass in his room the whole day. He seemed to be conscious though as I saw him moving around a couple times. He started pounding the remainders of his 30 pack a few hours ago.

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