Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dead From The Neck Up

Today the walking vegetable went to court. I don't know how it went today. Or maybe he just ignored it and didn't go, I don't know. He came back home tonight in his uninsured heap of a car. He only has a 12 pack for tonight, life is hard sometimes for the mentally challenged.

We've been getting lots of letters from the gas co. lately. I think the bill is over $1,400.00 now. Bob never opens them and I don't either. I found they can't shut your gas off in the winter until mid-April. So I suspect our gas will be shut off in a couple weeks. With this gas co. though, who knows. Bob hasn't opened a bill or made a payment in over 2 years. No gas means no more hot water, no showers.

The moron's room is looking swell. He's starting on a 3rd tier stack of cans around his chair. Throwing them out or returning them is a lot of work. There's just barely enough floor left for his feet. He needs to just sit and rest for a while with a cold one, he's got another long night ahead.

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