Monday, March 12, 2007

Star Trek -Spaced Out- The Voyage To Hell

So Sunday night was another peaceful night here with the mentally ill scumbag from hell. Sunday he slept all day until 5pm, he spent an hour in the bathroom then he sat on his ass and spaced out until it was time to start pounding beers. He was up until 4am stumbling around intoxicated. I got woken up at 3am when he did a body slam into the pile of cans and trash in his room. He left for work at 10:15 this morning, he's supposed to be at work at 10. Good thing his friend is the boss.

Here's the view from the captain's chair on the bridge of the Starship Moron. It's mission is to space out, get drunk, voyage nowhere and seek out nothing. This is where the Space Cadet sits on his ass all night drinking and spacing out. Oh, he does get up sometimes to pee and get more beer from the fridge downstairs. Sometimes he manages to walk down the stairs without falling and sometimes he manages to pee into the toilet.

View to the left. Most of the stuff is stuck to the floor.

View behind the captain's chair. Getting to and from the chair is a tricky maneuver when you're plastered at 4am. It takes the Space Cadet about 10 minutes to get from the chair to the door late at night as this involves tripping and falling down on the trash piles several times during the journey. Too bad Spock can't be there to hold him up. Careful, those cans on the floor are half full and what's inside them don't smell too good.

View to the right of the captain's chair. Cigarette anyone? Just toss them on the floor when you're done. This is also one of the food storage piles. Why throw it out when the mold and flies will eat it for you?

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