Saturday, April 21, 2007

Contacting The Dead

Today the walking vegetable slept all day until 6pm. He took a shower then went out for his 30 pack of Extra Gold and a pizza. He just cracked open his first cold one now.

Tonight I attempted communicating with the vegetable. Communicating with Bob is frustrating to say the least, he only says a few words then walks away. What he says is always his fantasy version of reality or lies, not sure which is which with him. I noticed the shut off notice came from the phone company today. (The shut off notice comes in a regular size envelope, easily distinguished from the monthly statement). I really need the phone line this week as I have a lot of stuff on eBay.

Anyway, I encountered the Zombie in the kitchen as he was getting his first beer. I asked him if he could please pay it before it's shut off

this time. I tried to explain how if you pay before it's shut off, they won't shut it off, that's the whole point of the shut off notice. The Space Cadet just smiled and says "I always do" as he walks away. That's about all you can get out of him. Bob seems to have forgotten the other 8 times it was shut off before. He probably still won't pay it. I really f*cking hate this asshole.

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