Saturday, April 14, 2007

Life Sucks Then You Go To Hell

Today the worthless, brain dead, loser rose at 7:00pm to start his evening.( I should just start cut and pasting this). His first and only activity was walking to the corner deli to buy a 30 pack of Extra Gold. He just started working on it at 11pm. Another big night for Bob, another bad night for me.

Yesterday the landlord calls me. She says Bob never paid his rent. Gee, big surprise. Bob hasn't volunteered rent money since he went looney over 2 years ago. He ignores it just like the utility bills. She always has to come to him and ask for it. Bob's always late and/or short. She keeps saying she's gonna start charging him a late fee but she never does. I used to be friendly with our landlord but not anymore. She never does sh*t to help me out here with the sick nut.

This morning I smashed my thumb in my car door. It's still throbbing and the nail turned purple. This is my 2nd car door accident of recent. A few months ago I opened the door and wacked my nose pretty good. Cut it open right on the bridge. Took a while to stop the bleeding. I think my clumsiness is from lack of sleep... getting woken up 10 times a night by the drunk mental case. It's still too cold here to sleep in my truck. I'm really deep in the depths of misery lately. Everything sucks.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know yet if you addressed this in later posts, very interesting blog btw, have you considered taking bob to a clinic?