Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Better Living In Your Car

So I'm sleeping in my truck now. I have a pick-up with a fiberglass cap, I'm sleeping in the back. I have a long cushion from a chaise lounge and blankets, it's not too bad. My cap has sliding side windows with screens for some fresh air. The side windows are tinted but the back window isn't so I hung a towel over it. I may get fancy and install some curtains.

I'm on a small dead end street so there's little traffic. One annoyance is the street lights, the other is I can't lock my cap from the inside. I'm in a decent area here so I'm not that worried about locking it. I got a little battery powered radio, a wind-up alarm clock and some snacks in there, I had a portable TV but I can't find it.

I slept in there Saturday and Sunday night. Last night Veggie came home without any alcohol, I thought it might be a quiet night so I slept in my bed. It was a fairly quiet night but I still woke up like 10 times hearing him moving around all night. I'm going back to the truck tonight. It's just a lot less anxiety for me.


coldwar23 said...

Sounds fun. I did that for a small portion of my highschool career in the trunk of a honda accord. I surfed. And many other complicated things at the time. You can get a Coby tv/radio for $20 or cheaper. Hang in there.

coldwar23 said...

Oh yeah read the other comments. Please send said 2 year old package to me. Contact for further details. slOhio sux. :( frowny face. I would suggest an 'electrical fire' at this point. At least that way you could chill in a hotel with hot water, WiFi, and a gym/spa. We need some non confirmatioal pics of his ride. That is too funny. Keep up the good work and if you need a place to crash in Ann Arbor in Sept we'll talk. Knibb High football rules!