Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Roommate Wanted

Here's recent pics of the Zombie's lair. I have to cover my face, take the photos quickly and try not to touch anything. He's been returning some of his cans lately, I guess money's tight with all those court costs. He always has money for alcohol though. It's sorta ironic that he keeps a globe in his he plans to visit our planet someday.

I think these are bottles of urine. There's quite a few more in there if you look. There's a milk crate under one of the trash piles that is filled with bottles of urine.

This is where Bob sits on his ass until sunrise drinking and staring at his computer. Tough getting to the chair now, not sure how he manages. I couldn't do it and I'm sober.

Yeah, this is normal.

Bob's main problem is his severe mental illness which grows worse each day. I believe he is addicted to the internet as well as alcohol (obviously). His whole life is staring at the computer and getting drunk all night. I think the internet and alcohol are his private world, his means of never facing reality.


Anonymous said...

Wow, a picture really does speak a thousand words. I enjoy your blog. I'm a person who's trying not to go back to living the way your roommate is, and seeing something like this really helps me to realize how bad I'd gotten (e.g., actually coming up with a system of relieving myself that didn't necessitate actually leaving the immediate vicinity of my alcohol supply).

Anyway, as I said, I've enjoyed reading your blog, and I hope your roommate eventually decides to try and face reality rather than escaping it.


endofmyrope said...

I wish you luck with your treatment. You don't want to end up like the Space Cadet here, he's almost 10 years older than you. I actually found your blog an interesting read. It's a good way to vent.

Like I've written before, I think some of those treatment programs are bogus. I hope yours is helping. There's tons of stuff on the net about disorders and addictions, so do some research on your own.

There is no hope for the Space Cadet.

endofmyrope said...

What happened to your blog? I liked reading it.