Sunday, April 01, 2007

So You've Gone Insane

Man this is really getting redundant, but I've got nothing else. I think it might be my subject matter. My subject doesn't do anything except drink, pee and sit.

Today Bob rose early at 3:30pm. He went out at some point to buy toilet paper. The 3 material things most important to Bob are beer, cigarettes and toilet paper. Yeah, he never runs out of toilet paper, it's extremely important to him. He buys the real big rolls that come single, wrapped in paper. He uses tons of it. If he buys the smaller rolls that come in a 4 pack, he'll use up a whole roll in one sitting. The big rolls last 3 or 4 days. I could probably go for a month on one of those by myself.

So it was pretty much a normal weekend here with the sick nut-job. He only ventured outside the house for less than an hour the whole weekend. He pretty much just sits in his chair drinking for 2 days straight. The stench from his room is really getting bad now. His windows are always steamed up from the outside of the house, I think from all the rotting crap in there. His weekend isn't over until sunrise tomorrow.

I always wonder how he can pee so much without his bladder wearing out. Like I said, he pees 40-50 times a day.... We have a heating vent, unfortunately located on the floor right next to the toilet. When we moved in here it was painted white. There's no longer any trace of paint left, it's rusty and corroded. Every guy occasionally will 'miss' the toilet briefly. Bob will completely miss, like giant puddles around the toilet. I don't think he notices at all or he just doesn't care, he's too bombed.

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