Monday, April 30, 2007

One Night at a Time

Nothing new here, nothing ever changes in Hell. Veggie is still living nocturnal, I'm still sleeping in my truck. At least I'm getting sleep. Yesterday Veggie helped me bleed the brakes on my truck...he is useful for something. I woke him up at 4pm as I had nobody else to press the brake pedal for me. He did a good job.

Yesterday morning I came in the house and Veggies' reading glasses were on the stairs with the lenses popped out. He sometimes passes out on the stairs late at night near the end of his beer supply and can't complete the journey back to his room. This is normal. I 'accidentally' stepped on the glasses repeatedly several times during my day, oops....he'll have to get a new pair now, life's hard sometimes when you're a drunk idiot.

Veggies' main food now is beer, pizza and protein vitamin shakes. The shakes aren't helping much. He gets a pizza each day on the weekend now right after he wakes up. He looks like a corpse. Thin as a twig, pasty and haggard. A strong wind would knock him over.


Anonymous said...

how can he be thin with all that beer?

Paul Hindt said...

I wanna see a picture of this motherfucker.