Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Indoor Vegetable Gardening

Veggie has a strict routine now during the work week: Wake at 3pm, take shower, walk to corner deli to buy alcohol supply, go to work, arrive home at 1am, drink until sunrise. He should be due for a promotion soon I think.


coldwar23 said...

Amazing. I need more details on his cooking habits though. We haven't covered that one in a while. Thanks for the update pics! Where did the boxes go? As a side note, I'm glad the Money Pit didn't work out. Sounded like trouble. Also I get to read about my favorite space cadet still lol. Hang in there man and wtf is up with strippers and fat boyfriends??? They have many many many issues I guess. Like having some sweaty mass crushing you poking at anything slimy is hot? Glad to know there are others out there.

endofmyrope said...

He pretty much stopped his cooking escapades around the time the oven broke. He mostly just drinks beer for food now. Sometimes he has spaghettios or pizza. He's very thin, like a stick figure. He really does nothing but drink, pee and sit now.

If you're talking about the beer boxes, they were all filled with cans and he returned them in the boxes. I never mentioned we also had about 100 more empty 30 packs stacked in the basement last summer as well. He doesn't even empty the cans when he manages to put them in the boxes so the smell gets pretty bad.

The stripper is definitely a different breed of girl. Most of them have issues, I can never figure them out. The few smart ones make a lot of money though. Their choice of boyfriends is very strange. Not sure I could handle a stripper girlfriend anyway. Some of them sure look good though.

I'm honestly very depressed, I really wanted to be out of here before summer starts. Looks like that may not happen. I'm still looking at houses but it takes forever and there's not much to look at lately. I'm not going back to renting again.

coldwar23 said...

You have to get out of there by summer, man. You mention boxes of stale beer and the warm sun... Maybe the flapping of a million fly wings will keep the house cool lol. Thanks for the foodie updates. Alton Brown says Spaghetti-0s = not good eats lol. Hang in there, I'm off to read the updates :)